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Lufthansa will soon stop serving free snacks and drinks in economy class. In the future, all customers who need food during the flight will have to pay an additional amount.

From next Wednesday (May 26), Lufthansa passengers will have to prepare for an innovation most people will never appreciate. Flight Group no longer offers free snacks and drinks in economy class on short and medium-haul flights.

Lufthansa: drinks and snacks from 2 to 12 euros

With economy class travel, thirsty and hungry travelers will soon have to pay extra.

Photo: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

The company wanted to offer its passengers a “wide range of food and drink products for sale,” according to a press release in which Dean & David and Dalmire were introduced as partners. Therefore, prices should move between 2 and 12 euros.

There will be a bottle of tomato or orange juice for three euros, plus a cup of coffee, chocolate or tea. After all, he also says, “A bottle of water and a small chocolate snack are offered for free.”

Lufthansa: the offer does not meet expectations

“Our previous line of economy class snacks often did not meet our customers’ expectations,” says Christina Forster, Lufthansa Group Board Member, Customers, IT and Corporate Responsibility, explaining the reasons for the change.

“The new offer has been developed on the basis of the opinions of our customers. With the high-quality, paid offer, our passengers will be able to individually specify what they want to eat and drink during their trip.

Besides Lufthansa, Switzerland and Austrian Airlines are also affected by the change.

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