Where Lufthansa flies its 4 Airbus A350 from Philippine Airlines

They are used on eight routes, including one-off trips.

Lufthansa has 21 A350-900s. At just 4.3 years old, they were the youngest type in his fleet until the arrival of the first (and so far only) B787-9. Four of the 21 A350s are ex-Philippine Airlines, resulting from the Asian airline’s bankruptcy and subsequent streamlining. Their availability has allowed Lufthansa – in the airline’s own words – “take advantage of exceptional market opportunities.”

Lufthansa A350: a summary

A fundamental part of Lufthansa’s long-term planning, the first of its A350-900s (registered D-AIXA) arrived almost six years ago in December 2016. Since then, another 20 have been delivered, including four this year – all ex-Filipinos. Airlines and each leased. According to ch-aviation.com, they are:

  1. D-AIVA: delivered to Philippine Airlines in July 2018, with Lufthansa in April 2022
  2. D-AIVB: with Philippine Airlines in September 2018, with Lufthansa in April 2022
  3. D-AIVC: with Philippine Airlines in October 2018, with Lufthansa in March 2022
  4. D-AIVD: with Philippine Airlines in February 2019, with Lufthansa in May 2022

All four planes are based at the Lufthansa hub in Munich rather than Frankfurt, and the first revenue-generating flight took place on April 29 to Toronto. Flightradar.com shows that D-AVIC has been deployed, replacing non-ex-Filipino A350-900s.

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How do they compare?

It is not surprising that Lufthansa’s “clean” A350s have almost the same capacity (293 seats) as the old Philippine examples (295). However, they differ hugely when it comes to the number of seats per cabin.

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The ex-Filipino equipment is decidedly less premium, with 18 fewer business seats and 17 more in economy class; this dictates the routes on which they are deployed. Curiously, despite a much smaller business cabin, the seats in the old Philippine plane – Vantage XL with direct aisle access – are superior. Here’s how the two planes compare:

Lufthansa A350-900s First Company Economy of the best quality Economy
Non-ex-Filipino 0 48 (2-2-2) 21 (2-3-2) 224 (3-3-3)
Ex-Filipino 0 30 (1-2-1) 24 (2-4-2) 241 (3-3-3)

It is not a former Philippine A350 and therefore has a 293-seat layout. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Single flight.

It is easy to identify the routes on which the planes are used due to their different capacity. Cirium indicates that from September 29, the 295 places will be deployed on eight lines this winter, from October 30 to March 25. They include three one-off services and a very limited time service:

Lufthansa’s 295-seat A350-900 routes in winter 2022. Image: GCMap.

Notice Toronto and Vancouver. Each airport offers a 295-seat flight that can be booked at Germany on March 25, the last day of winter 2022. The first 295 places at Canada is on the 26th, the first day of summer 2023. It will then continue to operate throughout the high season.

As ex-Filipino equipment is not bookable or scheduled at Canada on the 25th (or before), it is unclear how they will get there and remains subject to change.

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