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DALLAS – Ukraine International Airlines (PS) and airBaltic (BT) have agreed to wet lease medium-haul Boeing 737-900s.

According to a PS Releasethe planes and crews of the Ukrainian airline are based at Riga Airport (RIX) from May 1 to serve the network of partner flights.

The PS plane will connect to a combination of BT’s European destinations. The Boeing planes are expected to fly to Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, Oslo and Copenhagen, among other cities. Four PS crews (a total of 28 personnel) will be involved in the operational activities of the PS aircraft on the roads.

Ukraine International Airlines also has Boeing 737-800s in its fleet. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

The aircraft will fly in the colors and liveries of the PS, as will the crews who will wear their usual uniforms. A Latvian carrier service agent will be present on every PS aircraft on BT routes, under the terms of the agreement.

Airlines are currently determining the deadline for PS aircraft operations in the BT fleet. The Boeing 737-900, which is part of BT’s fleet, will be maintained by PS international contractors. As a long-term IOSA certified operator, PS ensures that all international operational safety standards are met.

airBaltic YL-CSA Airbus A220-300. Photo: Tony Bordelais/Airways

AirBaltic Similar Crewed Rental Boost

In mid-April, after halting operations in Ukraine and Russia due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, BT announced that it would wet-lease some of its A220s.

The Latvian airline had already secured contracts for nine Airbus A220s to lease on an ACMI basis from SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SK) and Eurowings (EW), according to its annual financial report for 2021.

AirBaltic said at the time that it was also negotiating wet leases for two other planes to Ukrainian and Russian airlines.

Featured Image: Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-900. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

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