TUIfly (Germany) will use the Group’s Belgian and Dutch Boeing 787s to power cruise ships

TUIfly Belgium Boeing 787 OO-JDL

To survive the Covid-19 crisis, the TUI group sought a new use for its Boeing 787 Dreamliner: taking cruise passengers to the ports of embarkation on charter flights.

According to Aerotelegraph, TUIfly, the group’s German airline, will use two of these aircraft this winter to offer charter flights from Düsseldorf to supply both its own cruises and those of third parties. A spokesperson for the company confirms that these flights were offered to cruise passengers for “”the start of the winter season, on certain days and for a limited time.

The two Boeings that will be used for these charter flights belong to TUIfly Belgium and TUIfly Netherlands, which jointly operate five in total, although due to the crisis usage is lower.

The Dreamliners have remained on the ground since the start of the pandemic, the health situation not allowing them to fulfill their mission: to cover long-distance flights to vacation destinations like Cancun (Mexico) or Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). Already last June, the CFO of TUI Group, Sebastian Ebel, explained that his German airline was abandoning its initial intention to fly long-haul with Boeings 787 Dreamliner.

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