Tui warns four-year-old will be banned from cruising UK because passport expires in five months


Britain’s largest holiday company told the grandparents of a four-year-old boy he would not be allowed to board an Anglo-Scottish cruise to Southampton because his passport is only five months old to run.

The Tui cruise, aboard Marella Explorer, leaves the port of Hampshire on July 28 for 10 nights, visiting the ports of England and Scotland.

Her grandfather, Robin Roberts, said The independent: “They only told us when we talked about it yesterday. We, in trying to do the right thing, brought this to their attention.

“The lady that my wife, Wendy, saw in our local Tui store yesterday tried very hard to get a positive response from various people but kept coming back with the same response – we would not be allowed to go on the cruise because it there was not six months left on the child’s passport.

“I contacted Tui on the phone today and she told me the same thing. My son will continue to try to get an emergency appointment for the boy’s passport, but it doesn’t look promising at this time.

“Tui told us they were just following the rules.”

There are no such rules for UK-only cruises. Some cruise lines require passports from passengers embarking on UK cruises only on the grounds that the ship may make an unscheduled stopover in an EU country.

Even if this were enforced, the only legal restriction on the four-year-old’s passport is that it must be valid for three months beyond the scheduled return day – which is August 7, when the passport will be even older. four months for Cours.

Mr Roberts said: ‘All they told us to do was get an emergency passport renewal appointment with the passport office. We live in North Wales.

“Our nearest passport office is Liverpool, which is perfectly manageable, but the only appointments we can get are in Glasgow or Belfast.”

There is no same-day passport renewal for children’s travel documents.

Marella, the cruise arm of Tui, told passengers who booked for a departure from Southampton: “You can get acquainted with the historic castles, the lake-dotted landscapes and the delicious local specialties of Great Britain and Ireland. .

“And everything is a short distance away, whether you drop anchor in popular ports along the coasts of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.”

A passport is not required to visit any of these locations.

A spokesperson for Tui said The independent: “We are very sorry that the customer was misinformed. We can confirm that passengers who visit only four domestic ports on our UK cruises only need their passport validity for the duration of the voyage and will not be denied boarding.

“We will contact him to apologize and update our information. For all other cruises, we recommend passengers have at least six months of validity on their passport, which is a standard requirement for many of the ports we visit.

Two weeks ago, Jet2 apologized to passengers who were wrongly denied boarding after the holiday company followed incorrect UK government guidelines on the validity of passports for travel to Europe.

Jet2 has now revised its post-Brexit passport procedures, and The independent asked other major airlines and vacation companies – including Tui – to do the same.

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