TUI moves Schiphol flights to Brussels in October

Travel agency TUI will move several flights from Amsterdam to Brussels in October due to limitations on the maximum number of departing passengers allowed at Schiphol Airport. According to TUI, the affected flights are holiday bookings with departures during the period from October 10 to 31 to the destinations Tenerife, Kos, Mallorca, Crete and Gambia.

Due to concerns over staffing shortages at security and large crowds of passengers waiting in long queues, Schiphol last week asked airlines to cut daily passenger numbers by an average of 18% until until at least the end of October.

“Schiphol has again issued a flight capacity limitation for October, forcing airlines to reduce flights. It is extremely disappointing and unacceptable that Schiphol continues to leave it up to others to solve their problems. We don’t want our travelers to be the victims and we are not going to cancel the holidays,” TUI said in a statement. All other holidays will depart as scheduled from the booked airport, TUI continued.

Price hunter easyJet has announced that it will cancel a number of flights from Schiphol until October 30 due to the additional capacity limit. This mainly concerns flights on routes where easyJet flies several times a day. With this decision, the company wants to protect flights to holiday destinations.

KLM expects to have to cancel an average of fifteen flights a day from Schiphol this week to comply with restrictions at the airport. The company said it will look next week to see if any cancellations are still needed afterward.

Travel organization Sunweb said the flight restriction at Schiphol did not result in any cancellations, but there may be changes such as a flight from Rotterdam or an alternative flight from Amsterdam.

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