TUI Investigates Grieving Mom’s Five Star Mexican ‘Hell Vacation’

A grieving mother who recently lost her daughter recounted her ‘hell vacation’ – including being ravaged by bedbugs and gunmen storming a beach.

Jade Fisher lost her daughter Lucia in the later stages of her pregnancy and suffered from intense anxiety and panic attacks, so her mother decided to surprise her with a Mexican getaway.

She booked them a seven-night stay at the Azul Beach Hotel in Mexico, hoping that the week spent at the beach would improve her mental health.

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However, upon arrival at the Cancun airport, things immediately started to turn ugly for the mother and daughter.

Jade, owner of a clothing store, told the Mirror: “We sat in the coach for over two hours for other flight arrivals after we collected our bags and went through security.

“We arrived at our hotel four hours later at 7:30 p.m., which is only a 30 minute drive from the airport.”

Bed bugs ravaged Jade’s legs while on vacation

Once at the hotel, which boasts of being 15 minutes from the airport and having access to “one of the most captivating beaches in the world,” Jade learned that all was not well at the hotel. paradise.

“We were informed, by guests telling us their traumatic horror stories, of a cartel shooting on the beach four days previously, which left two dead and one guest injured in the shooting,” said Jade.

“Obviously we were completely taken care of and worried about our safety.

“We should have been informed of the incident prior to our arrival and had the option of staying at another hotel as we certainly would not have been there.”

Mother and daughter thought the hotel was rather run down when they arrived for a five star venue
Mother and daughter thought the hotel was rather run down when they arrived for a five star venue

ABC News reported that during the terrifying incident, “10-11 cartel members shot dead two suspected drug traffickers on the beach.”

The hotel reportedly hosted a week-long Day of the Dead party for LGBTQ + travelers when gunmen stormed the beach.

After the shooting, which left two dead and four injured among US citizens, armed police could be seen patrolling the beach during Jade’s stay.

She continued, “I was too scared to go to the beach.

“This vacation was supposed to be cool and relaxed, but I was too scared to leave my bedroom balcony during the day.

“Other guests have told me there are beach guards patrolling with weapons. That won’t stop the cartel from starting over.

Armed Cartel members patrol beach with AK47s, grieving mother says
Armed Cartel members patrol beach with AK47s, grieving mother says

“Also, it’s very scary to be sitting there sunbathing with men wearing ak47s on the beach.”

Jade went to reception after hearing the news and asked to be moved to another resort, to be told to wait for an update the next day.

The next morning she received an alert on her Tui app – which her mother had used to book the holidays – explaining that a transfer would cost an additional £ 718.

After many arguments and several other expensive transfer offers, Jade and her mother decided to make the most of the Azus.

But she added that the couple quickly wished they hadn’t.

“The hotel beds are riddled with bed bugs,” she said.

“I have over 30 bites on one leg. I went to the front desk and told them on the fourth day of our vacation and we were told someone would come to fumigate the room.

His bites got worse throughout the week
His bites got worse throughout the week

“It never happened.”

Jade said other guests had suffered from the ill effects of the nocturnal crawling insects as well, including an 81-year-old man whose legs were ravaged “from top to bottom.”

“Every night I would wake up with more and more,” the 34-year-old said of her bites.

“I was 30 on one leg. It was really painful and itchy.”

Mom and daughter went to the doctor to get the bites checked, then returned to their room to find something missing.

“I had £ 180 in the zippered side pocket of my purse which was missing,” she said.

“My mother also checked her purse and £ 15 was also stolen from her.”

Jade was not happy with the overall finish of the hotel
Jade was not happy with the overall finish of the hotel

Jade and her mother flew last week, but they haven’t completely escaped the nightmarish vacation.

“My mom keeps finding more and more bites,” she continued.

“We are traumatized by this. We are concerned that bugs are in our house. We have insulated all of our clothes in air bags. I am going to have to treat my mattress.

“It was a hell of a vacation.”

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A spokesperson for TUI said: We were sorry to learn that Mrs. Fisher was not happy with her vacation and understand how disappointing it must have been.

“We are investigating her concerns and will respond directly to resolve them with her.

“We would like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all the hotels we offer for health and safety, including hygiene.”

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