TUI fly Belgium resumes flights to the Canary Island of La Palma in March

La Palma Airport © André Orban May 2021

Now that the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano which became active on September 19, 2021 is officially over, La Palma is doing everything possible to resume normal life. Tourism, an important economic mainstay and source of income for many islanders, is also ready after a week-long shutdown due to the emergency. Most of the accommodations were completely free from the damage caused by the volcano.

Characteristic of tourism on ‘la isla bonita’ are the sporting challenges through hiking and cycling to discover the beauty and diversity of nature on this island. The recent event has undoubtedly increased nature lovers’ fascination with this small but unique Canary Island.

TUI is once again offering flights and holiday packages from Saturday 5 March.

Volcanic eruptions in La Palma were the top news story in the media for days in September last year. As spectacular as the images are and as fascinating as this natural phenomenon can be from a scientific point of view, it has left a trail of destruction in its wake and many residents have had to flee their homes. Tourism on the island also came to an abrupt halt.

Today the effects are still visible and in some places the landscape has even been completely changed as a result of the lava flows. And yet we must also put the situation into perspective: the area affected is 12 km², or less than 2% of the total area of ​​La Palma (708 km²).

The east coast of the island, where most of the hotels are, was completely untouched. Hotels have since resumed operations. The typical excursions of La Palma – walks, hikes and mountain bike tours – are again organized everywhere on the island, except in the area affected by the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

‘La isla bonita’, the elegant nickname of this island of outstanding natural beauty, is ready to welcome tourists again. The events of the past year have already reinforced the notoriety of La Palma: from a small island relatively unknown among the big names of the Canary Islands, La Palma has today become an exceptional destination which is arousing enormous interest in these times of increasing awareness of ecology and ecotourism. La Palma is now on the wish list of many nature lovers.

TUI fly is the only Belgian airline to offer direct flights to La Palma. The airline will relaunch this destination from March 5 with a weekly flight departing from Brussels on Saturdays. Package tours to La Palma will also continue with tour operator TUI from March 5 with 9 hotels on offer.

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