Tui Flower’s Legacy Continues to Nurture Generations: 2022 Funding Round Available

Home is where the heart is – as the age-old saying goes – and the legacy of a passionate, socially-minded pioneer is now supporting a new round of charitable grants that will help invest in homes and healthier and more functional families.

The Tui Flower Foundation was established for the benefit of New Zealanders to support community projects or a curriculum in the areas of home science, nutrition, home arts, family care and welfare.

Alongside some of Tui’s friends, family and confidants, Foundation Trustee and Director Perpetual Guardian is currently undertaking the second round of annual grants in the name of Tui Flower’s legacy.

The goal of the Tui Flower Foundation is to provide access to education or mentorship that will help support the home and family in areas such as budgeting, proper nutrition, common sense approaches to home environments managed and skills development to support healthy homes and family life.

For Tui Flower, as the founder of the Foundation, the main driving force behind its creation was the house as the core of the family. Tui highly valued “home” as the place where a family lives, eats, cares for each other, and does life’s work. She was also very aware of environmental impacts and focused on waste management as well as nutrition and household financial management.

Tui Flower was a prominent figure in cooking and food writing who was awarded the Queen’s Medal for Public Service in 1983 and was instrumental in forming the New Zealand Food Writers Guild in 1988. As editor and test kitchen manager of the Auckland Star newspaper and New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Tui has also written and edited several cookbooks. In 1982 Tui established the Star-Woman’s Weekly School of Cooking.

Grants in the 2022 cycle can be awarded to eligible community organizations and individuals as scholarships to pursue relevant qualifications. After informing the Foundation’s deed of trust of its commitment to all aspects of the home, including food, nutrition, family care and the proper management of household finances, the Foundation’s trustees and recipients of last year’s first cycle of grants agree that Tui would now consider developing the skills and training to support healthy, well-run homes is more important than ever, so that families have the basic foundations on which to build. to build.

Robyn Martin, Advisory Trustee of the Tui Flower Foundation, says, “I am Tui’s protege, and she sits on my shoulder to regularly remind me of her wishes. Tui was very clear about what she wanted the Foundation to accomplish. She had a ‘don’t waste, don’t want’ mindset and was very adamant about the importance of budgeting in a well-run household. The effect of inflation on food prices makes it an essential life skill now more than ever.

“The Foundation is open to supporting a wide range of organizations that provide relevant courses, professional training and scholarships. These are assessed equally with no age limit to apply, as these are skills that are important and can be acquired at any stage of life.

Kirsten Kilian-Taylor, Head of Philanthropy at Perpetual Guardian, says: “One of Tui Flower’s primary goals when establishing the Foundation was to pursue and honor her immense passion for cooking and to provide advice common sense. But also, to help individuals and families have a better chance of achieving balance in their homes – because if we don’t have access or the ability to develop our skills in family caregiving, budgeting, nutrition and general household management, the rest of life can be very difficult.

“Building on the $36,000 distributed last year, the $90,000 grant round in 2022 will be directed to have further impacts in Tui’s preferred areas. It is our privilege as administrator and manager to ensure that Tui, who was so important and accomplished in her field, is not forgotten, and that her legacy is upheld to help people learn a range of skills and skills that make healthier homes and families around New Zealand.

Organizations and individuals wishing to apply for the 2022 grant cycle are encouraged to register and create an account in the Perpetual Guardian Funding Hub. Once registration is complete, applications must be submitted by October 28, 2022.

Fact sheet

  • The Tui Flower Foundation was established by deed of trust in November 2003 and activated through a bequest from the remaining estate of Lucy Tui Hampton Aiken, affectionately known as Tui Flower to family, friends and the public. Tui Flower died at age 91 in August 2017 and the Foundation went into effect.
  • Under the terms of the Foundation, there are four charitable purposes for which income must be paid or applied to:
    • a) To provide a scholarship or scholarships to enable one or more residents and citizens of New Zealand to undertake a course of study in the general fields of domestic science, nutrition, homemaking, family care and welfare -be.
    • b) To promote the dissemination of advances in knowledge made in domestic science, nutrition, homemaking, family care and welfare.
    • (c) Permit the publication of information in the form of books, articles and visual (or other) means for the purpose of promoting the public benefit of increased awareness of home science, nutrition, homemaking, family care and welfare.
    • d) Support other such activities, which the Trustee considers charitable and compatible with these objects.
  • Organizations that receive grants will have a track record of adding value to their sector(s); have the capacity to carry out the proposed project; and demonstrate strong governance and management, clear financial strategy and reporting.
  • The proposed project(s) will be feasible and financially viable; provide a clear public benefit; and have the support of the community in which they operate.
  • Individual scholarships can be awarded to:
    • Adults with a clear record of academic achievement, evidence of dedication and high work ethic, and commitment to family/whanau and community and with difficult financial and/or other circumstances.
    • The subject of the scholarship should prioritize nutrition and dietetics, but may also include horticulture and agriculture.
    • Grants can also support job training when it closely aligns with the charitable goals of the trust.

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