TUI Cruises: Summer 2022 rollout breakdown

With its entire fleet now in service, TUI Cruises will offer a full summer program in 2022.

Focusing on its main markets, the German brand will have almost all of its capacity in Europe.

While most of its ships are intended to sail in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean also represents an important part of the company’s deployment, according to the 2022 Annual Cruise Industry News Report.

A late summer program in North America is also planned, with routes to the US East Coast, Canada and the Bahamas.

Cruise Industry News reviewed the company’s full program. Here is the breakdown:

North Europe

Mein Schiff 1
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,900 guests
Built: 2018
Homeports: Kiel (Germany)
Length: Four to 11 nights
Routes: Norwegian Fjords, North Cape, Baltic and Scandinavia
Sailing season: May 17 to August 19

Mein Schiff 6
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,534 guests
Built: 2017
Homeports: Kiel (Germany)
Length: Five to 12 nights
Routes: Baltic with visits to Poland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia and more
Sailing season: May 13 to September 9

Mein Schiff 4
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,500 guests
Built: 2015
Homeports: Kiel, Bremerhaven and Warnemunde (Germany)
Length: 3 to 17 nights
Routes: Norwegian Fjords, Svalbard, Iceland, North Cape, Western Europe and Baltic
Sailing season: May 9 to October 15

Mein Schiff 3
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,500 guests
Built: 2014
Homeports: Bremerhaven (Germany)
Length: Five to 14 nights
Routes: British Isles, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, North Cape and Western Europe
Sailing season: April 24 to September 16


Mein Schiff 2
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,900 guests
Built: 2019
Homeports: Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Length: Nine to 12 nights
Routes: Western Mediterranean, visiting Gibraltar, Spain, Italy, France, Malta and Portugal
Sailing season: April 24 to October 2

Mein Schiff 5
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,500 guests
Built: 2016
Homeports: Heraklion (Greece); Trieste (Italy); Valletta (Malta); and Antalya (Turkey)
Length: three to ten nights
Routes: Greek Islands, Adriatic, Eastern Mediterranean and Holy Land
Sailing season: March 5 to October 26

Mein Schiff Herz
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 1,850 guests
Built: 1997
Homeports: Heraklion (Greece); Valletta (Malta); Palma de Mallorca and Malaga (Spain)
Length: Seven to nine nights
Routes: Holy Land, Western and Eastern Mediterranean, with visits to Greece, Italy, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and more
Sailing season: April 13 to October 28

United States East Coast

Mein Schiff 1
Capacity (at 100% occupancy): 2,900 guests
Built: 2018
Homeports: New York (USA)
Length: 11 to 14 nights
Routes: Canada, New England, Bahamas, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia
Sailing season: September 8 to October 3

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