TUI and AlbaStar apologize after North East woman’s viral video

An airline has launched an investigation after a woman was forced to drag herself down the aisle to the toilet after being left without a wheelchair on her flight to Mallorca.

Hartlepool wife and disabled blogger Jennie Berry has publicly taken to Instagram to share her shocking treatment on her flight with small Spanish airline AlbaStar.

In the video, Jennie could be seen having to drag herself along the aisle of the plane to get to the bathroom after the airline did not have an “aisle chair” – a type of wheelchair for passengers. planes – on board.

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She also claimed that staff on board the flight from Newcastle Airport to Palma, Mallorca, refused to help her to the toilet.

Now TUI, through whom the flight was booked, has launched an investigation and says it is taking the matter “very seriously”.

A TUI spokesperson said: ‘We are genuinely concerned to hear about Ms Berry’s experience on her flight to Palma as we take issues like this very seriously.

“While Ms Berry had booked through TUI, the flight was operated by a third party airline, so we are urgently investigating this incident with them.

“We are already in direct contact with Ms Berry and will continue to provide her with any additional support she needs.”

The video sparked a huge reaction on social media earlier this week, with many viewers calling it “shameful”.

Albastar, who operated the flight on behalf of TUI, has now apologized for the incident but said aisle seats were not mandatory on the planes.

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The spokesperson said: “AlbaStar would like to express its sincere apologies for the event that recently took place on one of our flights in relation to the flight experience of a passenger with reduced mobility.

“Our main concern is the safety and comfort of all our passengers on each of the flights we operate.

“We are working to investigate the incident to ensure that this isolated incident does not happen again on any of our aircraft.

“Aisle wheelchairs are not required by current regulations, nor even recommended or mentioned when it comes to aircraft equipment/furniture.

“On this flight, the list of passengers received before the flight did not show the presence of a ‘wheelchair passenger C’, i.e. Albastar was never informed of the presence of a disabled passenger.

“On the plane, there are no special seats for disabled passengers on board. Instead, there are seats where disabled passengers cannot sit due to regulations, namely emergency exit seats/windows.

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