The “Museum in Motion” initiative promotes art on the road


The Jule Collins Smith Art Gallery moved forward with its new outreach project after raising $ 15,860 in recent Tiger Giving Day fundraisers.

This ongoing art initiative called “Museum in Motion” will feature a moving art exhibit with interactive and functional displays. Individuals will be encouraged to take an active role in all exhibitions and to deepen their understanding of perspectives and viewpoints different from their own.

Charlotte Hendrix, Senior Communications and Marketing Specialist for JCSM, has worked with Auburn since 2012 and provided an overview of the mobile museum project.

“This project has been a long-standing aspiration for Jule in expanding awareness on Auburn’s behalf,” said Hendrix. “We want to bring art to where people are in their daily lives. “

Due to the hectic nature of everyday life, the arts are often overlooked for some people. The Museum on the Move seeks to remedy this by increasing the accessibility of JCSM through this project.

“We’re all busy with work, school and other commitments or maybe some think museums aren’t a place for them,” Hendrix said. “A stop at Museum in Motion for these experiments has the potential to make us better humans.”

Tiger Giving Day’s influx of donations for Museum in Motion solidified the community’s desire to launch this initiative.

“[Museum in Motion] has great potential for both arts education and social impact, ”said Hendrix. “People immediately understood how this project could serve the Auburn community, the state and the region.

By initiating this project, the JCSM wishes to focus on the arts and their role in everyday life.

“The arts, in all their forms, ultimately tell a particular story or point of view,” said Hendrix. “Research consistently shows the benefits. The more we are exposed to different views and experiences, the more we can empathize with one another. “

Whether viewing art as a passive observer or actively participating in its expression, Hendrix said she believes individuals can benefit tremendously from the arts.

“Art involves creativity, expression and problem solving. Even if you are not actively engaged in artistic creation, you can still develop these skills, ”she said.

The museum’s current van is 17 years old and can only be used to deliver artwork within a 25-mile radius of Auburn.

Even the current pandemic is not standing in the way of this project, Hendrix said. JCSM staff could use the mobile museum to carry out a wide range of COVID-friendly activities.

“A vehicle like this would allow staff to transport artwork for large loans and to display artwork and activities outdoors,” said Hendrix. “These opportunities can potentially mitigate the spread, but ultimately we hope to remove all barriers to site visits. “

On top of that, the Museum in Motion intends to travel to Campus Green for events and showcases where students and staff can visit between classes. Students will also be able to help build the vehicle and its many displays.

“We really want to involve the students in the design aspects of the vehicle, both with the engineering of the interior systems and the development of the exterior graphics,” said Hendrix. “One of the next steps will be to coordinate with faculty and university administrators to make this opportunity available. “

In the future, the Museum in Motion plans to organize several public events to further develop the project and possibly play a central role in the intellectual life of the University.

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