The huge market for flights from the United States and Canada to Europe

In November, 44 airports across the UNITED STATES and Canada have non-stop flights to Europe, with 41 European airports served. It involves 40 airlines, and those without traffic rights, such as Biman Bangladesh on Dhaka-Istanbul Airport-Toronto, are not included.

USA/Canada to Europe: November 2022

There are 12,254 nonstop flights between the United States and Canada and Europe this month, according to the latest data from Cirium. Every day counts between 355 and 435, with up to 117,000 seats for sale each way one day. That’s a huge volume in itself, although lower than previous months, as airlines have moved to winter schedules as demand wanes.


As shown below, United has almost 6% more services in Europe than in November 2019 before the pandemic, a significant increase, especially compared to BA and American. Indeed, BA’s reduction dropped him from second to third place. Turkish Airlines is in the top ten, up from 11th previously, replacing KLM. Air France’s surge in flights saw it jump three places to fifth, rising from Dallas year-round and strong growth to JFK, Los Angeles and Miami.

Rank Airline company November 2022 flights November 2019 November 2022 Routes November 2019
1 United 1,676 1,597 44 44
2 Delta 1,501 1,360 44 43
3 British Airways 1,307 1,422 31 31
4 American 1,027 1,137 30 30
5 Air France 683 575 15 15
6 Lufthansa 661 929 27 32
seven Air Canada 641 678 27 27
8 Virgin Atlantic 560 641 15 15
9 Aer Lingus 503 492 16 16
ten Turkish Airlines 433 328 15 11

United cements pole position

As you can see, United’s raise does not come from itinerary network growth this month. Yes, Boston-Heathrow was reintroduced after a long absenceand Chicago-Zurich and Denver-Munich launched; it all started in April 2022.

But there are no longer Newark-Manchester or Washington Dulles in Amsterdam (returns in February) and Rome (returns in March). More than half of United’s growth can be attributed to a single route: higher frequency between Newark and Heathrow (6x a day rather than 3x to 4x a day).

United Airlines Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner N13013 Vincenzo Pace

Photo: Vincenzo Pace I just fly.

44 US/Canadian airports to Europe

The following map shows the 44 airports. It is obvious that airports have the most flights. New York JFK is first, followed by Newark, Chicago O’Hare, Boston, Toronto, Miami, Washington Dulles, Los Angeles, Atlanta and San Francisco. More interesting, perhaps, are those with far fewer services.

At the other end of the scale are, in descending order, Melbourne, San Jose, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Edmonton, New Orleans, St. Louis, Fort Lauderdale, Quebec and, lastly, Fort Myers. Florida airport has two more Eurowings Discover A330-300 flights from Frankfurt (November 1 and 5). He will return mid-December.

Second to last, Quebec had no flights to Europe in November 2019. In fact, Cirium shows that there have been no flights in November since 2011. Not that there are many now: only four, with Air Transat serving Paris CDG on Fridays using A321LRs. .

US and Canadian airports with nonstop flights to Europe in November 2022

Image: GCMap.

All Changes

Halifax, Melbourne, Stewart, Quebec and St Louis now have flights to Europe, but not as of November 2019. However, Hartford, Indianapolis, Ottawa and Sanford (replaced by Melbourne) no longer do so.

However, Aer Lingus brings back Dublin-Hartford next year. Air Canada could resume Ottawa-London/Frankfurt when it receives A321XLRsand BA had slots for Indianapolis but didn’t take it.

Lufthansa Saint Louis

Photo: David Carson.

41 European airports

A map of the 41 is provided below. In Europe, it is predictable that London Heathrow, Paris CDG, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dublin, Munich, Istanbul, Keflavik, Madrid and Zurich have more US/Canada flights than any other.

Istanbul went from 11th to 7th place, a significant improvement, offset by the decline of London Gatwick in particular. of the Norwegian’s release. He was eighth but is now 13th, although Norse Atlantic UK is growing, at least when it has consolidatedand Gatwick-New York will have more flights next year than in the past 15 years.

European airports with non-stop flights to the United States and Canada in November 2022

Image: GCMap.

Highs and lows

Budapest, Dusseldorf, Moscow Sheremetyevo (for obvious reason), Kyiv Boryspil (equally obvious) and Stuttgart all had US/Canada flights in November 2019, but no longer have them. Jet2 also organized one-off buys for Chrstimas from East Midlands, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle in Newark.

LOT Polish is due to run Budapest-JFK next June-August (3x per week), while Delta will pick up Atlanta-Stuttgart from March (4x per week) and Atlanta-Düsseldorf from May (3x per week). Ukraine’s return depends on war.

Since Air Transat has operated between Toronto and Faro year-round, it offers service on Wednesdays in November on the A321LR. And from Funchal, Madeira, Azores Airlines has a Friday A321neo flight to JFK, a route it launched late last year.

Are you going to cross the North Atlantic this month? If so, to and from where? Let us know in the comments.

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