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Switzerland returns large group of roads, capacity remains below pre-pandemic levels

Swiss International Airlines announced on Wednesday that it would continue to provide Switzerland’s connection with the rest of the world, strengthening its network to include more than 90 destinations from Zurich and Geneva. However, while the number of points served from the two airports is similar to 2019, the capacity will be around 50% of what it was before the pandemic.

“We have worked out our schedules for the upcoming winter schedule period to offer our customers the widest possible range of air services and connections while maintaining a strong and reliable route network,” said the manager. Swiss sales representative Tamur Goudarzi For in a press release.

Regarding the composition of the fleet for the winter season 2021-2022, he declared: “Of the 92 planes that make up the Swiss fleet, our winter schedules will allow us to operate up to 47 short-haul transports more four planes from our wet leasing partner Helvetic Airways. , as well as 22 long-haul aircraft.

The majority of the fleet is based in Zurich, which will allow the airline to continue serving the largest number of destinations – 81 – from Switzerland’s largest city. The airline plans to serve 60 short-haul and 21 long-haul destinations from the city over the coming period.

Zurich cities with the most frequencies include Berlin; Hamburg, Germany; Lisbon, Portugal; London; Malaga, Spain; Stockholm; Belgrade, Serbia and Kiev, Ukraine. For long-haul destinations, Swiss will focus on routes to US cities such as Chicago, Miami and New York as well as elsewhere, with current plans for flights to Tel Aviv, Israel; São Paulo; Dubai and Johannesburg. Some destinations that were previously exclusive to the summer season – a list including Alicante, Spain; Malta; Marseille, France ; Palermo, Italy; Thessaloniki, Greece; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Tallinn, Estonia and Tirana, Albania – will continue to operate during the winter months from Zurich.

Geneva will also see the reintroduction of a large majority of destinations with flights to 26 cities currently planned. The reintroduction of services between Swiss’s only long-haul destination from Geneva, New York, will be reintroduced in mid-December. The airline plans to operate the route four times a week from December 14.

The remaining 25 destinations will focus mainly on European and North African destinations. Cities with the most frequencies include Athens, Greece; Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. Like Zurich, some exclusive summer destinations will be postponed to the winter season with continued flights to Madeira, Portugal; Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and Tenerife, Spain. Swiss is also planning to introduce new services between Geneva and Copenhagen, Denmark. The start date of the new service has not yet been confirmed. In addition, the airline will focus on the major winter sports season from Geneva, particularly in the UK and Scandinavian markets.

The current winter period will run from October 31 to March 27, 2022, with final schedules posted in mid-October.

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