Ryanair to launch additional connections to Zagreb



Low-cost airline Ryanair is expected to announce a new round of new routes from its new base in Zagreb by the end of the month, which are expected to launch next year. The low-cost company has just based a second plane from its subsidiary Lauda Europe in the Croatian capital and is inaugurating nine new routes. A third Airbus A320 will be parked in Zagreb from December 1, when eight more routes will be added to its network. The low-cost carrier has previously said it already has new destinations planned for summer 2022 and aims to offer between thirty and forty destinations from the city next year. Following its expansion in December, Ryanair will already offer 24 routes from Zagreb. “The key to Zagreb will be the number of airports we offer in Europe,” Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said in March.

The low-cost airline plans to eventually have up to ten planes parked in the Croatian capital, carrying between two and three million passengers per year. “Zagreb is the capital… and remember, when we get to some cities, they become passenger destinations. Ryanair will offer dozens of new routes to Zagreb this year, and Croatia Airlines has offered three over the past four years, ”said Lauda CEO David O’Brien. Once it launches its remaining destinations planned for this year in December, Ryanair will offer 94,923 seats in January and 526 flights (round-trip services included).

This year, Zagreb Airport will be connected to 42 international destinations and six domestic services, marking the highest number of routes in its history, mainly thanks to Ryanair, which made up for the handful of destinations completed by Croatia Airlines during the past year. last year, including Stockholm. , Oslo, Helsinki, Milan and Prague. By the end of the year, Zagreb Airport will have managed to cover four of its top twenty unserved destinations since pre-pandemic 2019. If secondary airports are factored in, its coverage of major unserved routes is still extensive.

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