Russian airlines Aeroflot and S7 receive clearances to operate flights to Germany


Previously, Russian and German airlines had difficulty obtaining permits to fly between countries and even had to cancel flights.

  • Aeroflot receives clearances from German aviation authorities to travel to Germany
  • S7 Airlines has also received all necessary permits
  • Lufthansa announced that it has received all necessary permits for flights to Russia

The CEO of the Russian group Aeroflot said that Aeroflot had received clearances from the German aviation authorities to operate flights between the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany.

“Everything is fine, we have the permits”, Aeroflot The general manager said, adding that it was about 28 flights per week under the summer schedule.

Meanwhile, the press service of Russia’s second-largest carrier, the S7 Airlines, said the airline has also received all necessary permits.

“S7 Airlines has received a permit from the German authorities to operate flights. Flights to Germany will be operated as planned, ”S7 said.

Earlier Lufthansa announced that it had received all the necessary authorizations for flights to Russia from the Russian aeronautical authorities.

Previously, Russian and German airlines had difficulty obtaining clearances to fly between countries. Carriers have even had to cancel flights.

German officials say the issue is linked to the failure of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency to grant timely clearance for German airlines’ flights in June. On the basis of reciprocity, the German aviation authorities did not authorize the flights of Russian companies.

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