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The Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt (FRA) is one of my favorite first class lounges in the world and continues to provide a fabulous ground experience for Lufthansa’s most premium passengers.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Review

I spent four glorious hours in this lounge before my flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles in Lufthansa First Class earlier this month.

Access + Hours + Location

There are only two ways to access this lounge: hold HON Circle status in Lufthansa’s Miles & More program or travel first class. While American Express Centurion cardholders have access to the Lufthansa First Class Lounges, access is not granted to the First Class Terminal.

Statutory members and first class passengers are allowed only one guest, but only if that guest is traveling on the same flight. Previously there was an exception for partners or spouses who only had to travel on the same day on a Lufthansa Group flight, but this is no longer the case.

Passengers who upgrade business class or use miles to travel first class are eligible to use the first class terminal.

The show is currently open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

This is a boarding lounge for travel departing from Frankfurt, which means you cannot use this lounge if your trip ends in Frankfurt (unlike first class lounges in the A Gate area or B Gate, both of which are currently closed but normally accommodate arriving passengers). However, if you are connecting via Frankfurt on a Lufthansa Group carrier (Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels Airlines), you can use this lounge before your connection as long as you arrived the same day in first class or hold the HON status.

If you arrive in Lufthansa First Class and connect on another carrier outside of the Lufthansa Group, even if Star Alliance, you technically do not have access to the Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt terminal. I say “technically” because although these are the access rules and most agents are very strict in applying these rules, there have been cases where connecting passengers on another Star Alliance flight are allowed to enter the living room. Treat access as an exception, not an expectation, if you fall into this scenario. In any case, you will have to go to the Terminal yourself.

The first-class terminal is indeed a separate terminal, with its own entrance, its own security and even its own immigration booth. If you are entering the airport by car, follow the road signs for Terminal 1 and you will enter from the upper level by turning right before reaching the main passenger terminal.

If you are on a transfer, head to the lower level of Terminal 1, turn left, walk several hundred yards past the taxi rank, then you will see the terminal. There is a circular staircase, like a vintage 747, which takes you upstairs or you can enter downstairs and take an elevator upstairs.

When you arrive by car, the staff often come out and offer assistance with your luggage. Once inside, you will be asked to surrender your passport. After you verify your name against the flight manifest, you will be escorted through security, which is no different from security in the passenger terminal, minus the queues.

Your attendant will make sure you are comfortably seated in the lounge with your boarding pass, then leave you alone. When it’s time to board, he’ll come back with your passport and escort you downstairs.

COVID-19 test or proof of vaccine required to enter

Note that according to German law, you will need to present a negative COVID-19 test (no more than 24 hours) or proof of vaccination to enter the lounge. I was asked if I had a “Luca” app, which is an app the Germans use to show proof of testing or vaccination. Don’t worry if the answer is no; the salon will accept any valid negative test or proof of vaccination.

If you need a COVID-19 test, there is an on-site testing booth in the terminal lobby. A staff member will be summoned from Centogene Terminal 1 to come and administer the test. A rapid antigen costs $ 29 while a PCR test costs $ 279 if you want results in 35 minutes (and is as cheap as $ 69 for 24 hour results).


After going through security, walk past the duty free shop on the left (currently chargeable) and you will come across the heart of the lounge. From here you can turn left or right to sit comfortably in grouped chairs, usually in groups of 4 to 8. The seating areas feature Italian-made leather armchairs from Balieri Italia, which are extremely comfortable (and also quite expensive… I looked).

My favorite seating in the living room is the easy lounge chairs by the window.

There is always a power outlet nearby, often on the ground.

Work rooms

Several work rooms are at your disposal where you can make discreet telephone calls or use a desk and an ergonomic chair to work. If I need to make a phone call, I walk into one of these rooms, although many make phone calls from the living room.


Two bedrooms offer a double bed in which you can rest if you have a lot of time in the living room or if you are particularly stressed. Ask the shower attendant if you want to use any of them (often the doors are locked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are being used).

Cigar lounge

While Lufthansa no longer provides free cigars or cigarettes, the smokehouse remains and provides a cordoned off area for indoor smoking.

Toilets + Showers

I love the first class terminal toilets because they are spacious, private and Lufthansa uses real towels (rather than paper towels). I also love the smell of Malin + Goetz hand soap.

Shower rooms are available: just ask an attendant at the counter. If there is a wait, you can add your name to the list.

The shower room which has a tub was broken when I visited, but here is a photo from a previous visit:


Speaking of bathtubs, the iconic souvenir from the Lufthansa First Class terminal is a rubber duck. The standard duck is black, but during my visit a pair of special edition ducks were available including a COVID-19 duck (wearing a mask) and a duck in a Greek gown, signifying the 2021 Summer Olympics. in Tokyo.

Shower attendants keep them in their closet: if you want one (or two or three), ask nicely.

Near the entrance to the show (just past security) is a display of limited edition historic ducks that have been on offer over the years:

Advice: If you are passing through the First Class terminal on your birthday, let one of the attendants know. The Terminal offers a very special birthday duck which is only available on your birthday (no exceptions).

Food + Drink

The highlight of the show is (well, was) the wide selection of food and drink, including a huge bar and restaurant offering à la carte to eat. Before the pandemic, a generous buffet was also offered in the dining room. Even if German health regulations do not prohibit such a configuration, the show has chosen to bring only a menu limited to ordering. I think we’ll see the full buffet return in due course. At the moment, there are only a few self-service items.

This is my only real complaint about my visit: the menu is very limited (a shadow of the pre-pandemic menu) and even breakfast staples like a bowl of berries were not available. Luckily the coffee is flowing, the orange juice is still freshly squeezed, and I had a delicious croissant and omelet for breakfast.

Here is the breakfast menu:

Before I left (almost four hours had passed, after all) I couldn’t resist the urge to sample the lunch menu and ordered Weiner Schnitzel, which was tasty but more food. that I couldn’t eat.

Although I stuck to the coffee and juices, the bar was quite large:

Airplane driver

One of my favorite parts of the First Class Terminal experience is being driven to your plane by a driver. This allows you to avoid the crowds at the gate by stopping next to the plane on the tarmac, taking an elevator directly to the jet deck, and then boarding.

The limousine area is located just below the lounge. Upon boarding, your concierge will find you, escort you to the elevator, and then wait for you downstairs for final immigration formalities if you are traveling outside the Schengen area. From there you are assigned a car and driver to take you to your plane.

Lufthansa currently has a fleet of Porsche sedans and Volkswagen vans. Unless you request private transportation, you will usually be seated with other guests on your flight.


The staff on the day of travel could not have been nicer. There are some problematic staff members that I have encountered on my numerous visits over the years, but none were present on the morning of my flight. I appreciated that the restaurant staff, hired by Do & Co and not Lufthansa, were very attentive. For example, I was asked at least once every half hour if I needed a drink refill.

Overall I felt like a valued customer and appreciated the care and genuine friendliness of all the staff.


The very limited food menu and the lack of a buffet make this lounge a shell of itself when it comes to food and drink, but everything else is still the same. In short, this is a fundamental part of the premium Lufthansa ground experience and not to be missed if you are traveling in Lufthansa First Class, especially for the first time.

If I lived in Germany again, I would do everything in my power to become a member of the HON Circle to visit this salon before each trip. It’s always one of the heights of ambitious travel and a great way to start a first class flight. Even without frequent flyer status, using the right credit card can help you earn enough points to take advantage of this wonderful product.

You can compare this review to my reviews from 2011 and 2017 here.


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