Representatives from Pennsylvania, who play piano, install Christmas tree in Capitol building at night


They are back in 2020 to spread the joy of Christmas.

Amid all the madness that has happened this year, state officials Andrew Lewis and David Rowe have decided they want to stick to holiday traditions. So when they learned that there wouldn’t be a Christmas tree in the Capitol Rotunda, the duo set to work finding one, bringing it into the building, and decorating it.

In a video shared on facebook, Lewis and Rowe have said they will “put politics aside” to embrace “the true meaning of Christmas.” It was a similar message they shared last year when they rolled two pianos around the rotunda late at night, singing a serenade. a handful of citizens.

To the tune of “We Need a Little Christmas”, the video of more than five minutes, posted on Lewis’ Facebook page, shows lawmakers hanging lights, climbing a ladder to place a star, hanging ornaments, and then finally bringing the two pianos back to play “Silent Night.”

“They said there would be no Christmas tree on the Capitol this year – not under our watch,” Lewis wrote in the message accompanying the video. “After an incredibly difficult year, Pennsylvania needs more than ever to keep our traditions alive. Last night, after working hours, Pennsylvania State Representative David Rowe and I set out to make sure the holiday spirit stays alive in our Capitol and across Pennsylvania. Let’s take a second, put politics aside and reflect on the season and how we will go through these difficult times together. Merry Christmas!”

This year’s Capitol Christmas tree sits on the steps of the State House, surrounded by fences adorned with wreaths and wooden reindeer.

Lewis is a Republican representing the 105th Legislative District of Dauphin County covering the townships of Lower Paxton, South Hanover and West Hanover. Rowe, also a Republican, represents Union and Snyder counties in the 85th arrondissement.

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