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BARNESVILLE – Over $ 1 million is distributed to local municipalities and beyond in the form of grants and loans.

According to information provided by Senator Sherrod Brown’s office, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Program has awarded a total of $ 1,046,500 to six villages and counties in the Ohio Valley and Southeastern Georgia. ‘Ohio.

“We need to make sure our rural communities have the resources to improve the lives and safety of their residents,” says Brown, D-Ohio.

The rewards include:

– a grant of $ 100,000 and a loan of $ 130,000 to the village of Barnesville for the purchase of a new ambulance and related equipment;

– a grant of $ 100,000 and a loan of $ 85,000 to Belmont County for the purchase of a new excavator;

– a grant of $ 95,000 and a loan of $ 78,500 to the Township of Brush Creek for the purchase of a new dump truck with a snow plow and salt spreading accessories, as well as a new mower;

– grant of $ 100,000 and loan of $ 197,000 to Monroe County Commissioners for the purchase of two new dump trucks equipped for road maintenance and snow removal;

– a $ 100,000 grant to Ohio Hills Health Services for the purchase of new dental equipment for the expansion and relocation of the Barnesville Family Dental Center; and

– Grant of $ 45,700 and loan of $ 15,300 to the village of Woodsfield for the purchase of a new skid steer loader.

The funds for this grant are part of the USDA Rural Development Initiative. Brown helped secure a strong rural development title in the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill, and continues to advocate for rural Ohio and programs that promote energy efficiency and clean energy across rural America, according to information provided by his office.

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