NOVA® Home Loans Selects Homebot to Give Loan Officers an Advantage by Enabling Borrowers to Build Wealth with Homeownership


TUCSON, Arizona., June 11, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Full Service Mortgage Lender, NOVA® Home Loans, today announced that it will deploy Homebot – an engagement platform that provides highly personalized brand summaries that track current property values ​​and offers a range of strategic financial scenarios to help homeowners create their heritage more quickly.

“Homebot is a win-win solution for our LOs and their borrowers,” said Jon Volpe, Chairman and CEO of NOVA® Home loans. “Homebot puts our LOs in front of their clients each month in a very relevant way and helps these clients maximize their home equity and long-term wealth potential. Data-driven, client-centric campaigns have an average 75% open rate down., which tells me that homeowners appreciate the value this system offers. ”

“NOVA’s modern approach to marketing allows them to thrive throughout any market cycle,” said Homebot CEO Ernie Graham. “Homebot is leveling the playing field, allowing LOs to compete with multi-million dollar marketing budgets and build brand awareness to keep their customers lifelong. We are delighted to add NOVA® Home loans to our growing list of exceptional lender clients. ”

With just a few clicks, LO kicks off the monthly continuous delivery of brand summaries that provide the information homeowners need: current value and home equity, appreciation, tactics for building wealth, if a refi makes sense, details of depreciation, etc. The digest contains contact prompts throughout, resulting in impressive engagement and success rates, as well as detailed reports.

Other rich content includes:

  • Home equity / equity
  • A breakdown of the principal and interest paid
  • Tips for saving on interest payments
  • Purchasing power for an investment or exchanging real estate
  • Estimated rental income from short-term rentals, such as Airbnb or VRBO
  • How to Use Equity to Diversify Personal Wealth Through Additional Properties, Debt Consolidation, and Smart Home Improvement

For more information or to watch a demo, Click here.

About NOVA® home loans

NOVA® Home Loans has served the needs of homeowners and home buyers since 1980. The company has offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada and is able to make loans in 12 states. In 2001, NOVA® merged his flexibility as a mortgage broker with the efficient service of a mortgage banker to create a better way to lend. Efficiency and teamwork are the keys to accelerated delivery of NOVA loans. Loan applications are processed in-house from start to finish, eliminating the need to send applications nationwide for underwriting, approval and document preparation. For more information, please visit
Equal Housing Opportunity, BK # 0902429, NMLS # 3087

CONTACT: Araceli Sanchez Tel. : 520-745-0050 E: [email protected]

About Homebot

Domestic robot helps homeowners build wealth. Each month the premium The company provides millions of property summaries to consumers on behalf of their loan officer or real estate agent. Addicting and personalized summaries are packed with data and information to give owners and investors several financial scenarios to advise them on building wealth. Loan officers and real estate agents leverage the Homebot experience to deliver high engagement campaigns that deliver an average 75% open rate to build brand awareness and maintain lifelong customer relationships. Want to see it in action? Journalists, please try it by yourself. Homebot is based at Denver.

CONTACT WITH HOMEBOT: Hannah Shain Phone: 720-988-6852 E: [email protected]

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