Norwich Airport: passengers sent to East Midlands and Aberdeen

4:13 PM August 27, 2022

Sun-seekers hopping on flights from Norwich Airport this week ended up in Scotland or Derbyshire instead.

TUI Airlines flights were halted again this week due to staff operational issues.

A flight from Norwich to Mahon – which is located on the Spanish island of Menorca – was diverted to Aberdeen on Wednesday morning.

A TUI spokeswoman said: “We fully understand customer frustration over the delay of flight TOM5380 from Norwich to Mahon.

“We can confirm that the flight had to make a short stopover via Aberdeen to provide a replacement crew member for another TUI flight.

“Customers landed safely in Mahon and we would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding.”

Norwich Airport. Photo: DENISE BRADLEY
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Then on Friday evening, a flight from Norwich to Dalaman in Turkey was delayed for five hours.

This meant passengers were being sent to East Midlands Airport overnight after the delay went beyond Norwich Airport’s opening hours.

A TUI spokeswoman said: “Due to the evening closing time in Norwich, TOM713 from Dalman has been diverted to East Midlands.

Passengers booked on TUI flights from Norwich are demanding action.  Photo: TUI

TUI has been hit by travel disruptions this summer
– Credit: Archant

“Due to a late arrival aircraft, caused by an operational disruption, we had to delay the flight.

“In order to meet airport operating hours, customers have arrived at East Midlands Airport.

“Guests were regularly updated and provided transport to Norwich Airport.

“We would like to apologize to all customers inconvenienced by this delay and thank them for their patience and understanding.”

Passengers finally board the TUI flight around 3:30 p.m.

There has been widespread flight chaos this summer
– Credit: Susie Anderson

The delay then impacted a Norwich-Palma flight on Saturday morning.

TUI announced a three hour and 50 minute delay on flight TOM5662 with a new departure time of 11.30am.

It comes after two flights to Mallorca and Corfu were diverted to Belfast International Airport last week.

TUI flights from Norwich Airport are operated by Sunwing on behalf of TUI Airways with pilots from the contracted company.

But these Sunwing pilots cannot operate on TUI planes, the airline explained – although TUI cabin crew are trained to operate on Sunwing planes.

TUI said its recovery options at Norwich are less straightforward than some of the larger aircraft bases.

Outsourcing company explains summer of travel chaos

Albastar is one of the airlines outsourced by TUI alongside Sunwing.

Commenting on the disruptions this summer, a spokeswoman for the airline said: “There have been massive disruptions to flights across Europe due to the lack of an airport and security personnel.

“Delays like these impact our operations and having more planes won’t make a difference if the problems are at each individual airport.

“We are proud to fly for TUI and from Norwich and we do our best to minimize delays.

“Unlike many other airlines which have canceled thousands of flights, we do not cancel charter flights even if it means a significant delay.

“While it is very unfortunate to delay a flight, avoiding cancellations means that passengers avoid having to search for alternative flights at a possibly much higher price, which can seriously affect the economy of their holiday. .”

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