New CBeebies Land themed attractions of Hey Duggee, JoJo and Gran Gran and Andy from Alton Towers made for an amazing family day out

Alton Towers has opened for the 2022 season and young families can enjoy a revamped CBeebies Land with three new attractions and plenty of activities to engage in.

the new rides includes play area – Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge, plus Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig and the latest hit show from CBeebies JoJo and Gran Gran at Home.

The new season kicked off on Saturday with special guests including adventurer Andy Day alongside Duggee as well as other CBeebies characters including Bing, Teletubbies, Octonauts and even Peter Rabbit all gathering in front of the news CBeebies’ colorful entrance for the launch before guests arrive for their first look.

If your kids love watching their favorite characters on CBeebies – then CBeebies Land is like stepping into the TV screen and immersing yourself in the magic and excitement of all the shows. Aimed at toddlers up to elementary school age, you’re sure to find something your kids will enjoy in the family part of the theme park.

All the CBeebies characters took part in the launch of the 2022 season at Alton Towers

I visited my eight year old daughter Ava-Violet and her three year old son Gabriel. It’s not the first time we’ve been there and our favorite rides and attractions are ready to be crossed off our list, including Postman Pat, In the Night Garden and Treetop Top Adventure.

But we couldn’t wait to see the latest additions to the Staffordshire theme park and were even more excited when we met Andy and Duggee.

Note to parents – maybe let the Hey Duggee ride last! This amazing adventure playground is so full of brilliant activities that it was hard to snatch them. They can slide, climb, bounce through interactive and sensory play areas that include the Hey Duggee Clubhouse with slides galore, they can even meet Duggee himself and collect their Big Adventure badge.

Hey Duggee was on hand to greet his
Ava-Violet with Hey Duggee in CBeebies Land

Then we went to see JoJo and Gran Gran at home and my daughter loved video calling JoJo, Gran Gran and Great Gran Gran in Saint Lucia from Gran Gran’s living room.

She also loved exploring the kitchen to help Gran Gran bake her famous banana bread and the garden also featured a maze, treehouse and hideouts, plus growing sunflowers and other interactive touches including JoJo who hides in the garden.

Kids can video call Great Gran Gran in Saint Lucia
Ava-Violet and Gabriel at JoJo and Gran Gran

For my son, Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig was the best bit. This show was very popular but we got lucky and managed to get in line early.

Even though Andy isn’t there in person (he appears onscreen and interacts with the cast via video link), it was still a fun experience, almost like being part of a live theater performance. We helped collect fossils to put in the fossilator at Andy’s outpost before entering the exhibit and even helped feed a baby diplodocus. The finale was brilliant as we all joined in Andy’s dinosaur rap.

Even though Andy isn't there in person, he appears onscreen and interacts with the cast via a video link
Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig at Alton Towers

As we wandered around the rest of CBeebies Land, we came across many characters, including Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy, the Teletubbies and Captain Barnacles from the Octonauts.

By lunchtime we were all feeling rather hungry and headed to the Big Fun Show Time arena. There are two new shows for 2022, including Bing and Flop and Hey Duggee’s latest show, The Map Badge! Let’s just say I kept singing the song Sticky Sticky Stick Stick and as soon as the tune started all the kids in the arena went wild, my daughter dancing.

In addition to the new Bing show – there are also new Bing-themed rooms at the Beebies Land Hotel which provide the ultimate slumber party for Bing fans.

Andy Day and Hey Duggee hosted guests at CBeebies Land
Andy Day and Hey Duggee welcomed guests to CBeebies Land, including Ava-Violet and Gabriel

We completed our visit to CBeebies Land on the Go Jetters Vroomster Ride and Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure and my son found the whale squirting water extremely entertaining. The Treetop Adventure ride was our favorite, as my daughter said, “You can see the whole park from here – it’s amazing!”

Alton Towers 2022 Tickets and Fares

A day pass to Alton Towers costs £34 per person but you can buy an annual pass for £119 which includes free parking and perks such as a Bring a Friend voucher and up to 20% off retail, food and beverage.

You can also get an online exclusive Passes for parents and toddlers for £25 valid for one adult and one child under five. Children under the age of three enjoy free entry. This grants access to the entire theme park, including CBeebies Land. Each additional child under five costs £5. This offer is valid for visits on selected dates during off-peak periods.

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