New catering concept: Eurowings aims for more sustainability on board

Germany’s largest holiday airline will be offering a new, more sustainable on-board catering concept in the future. Eurowings increasingly takes product sourcing into account and focuses on more intensive cooperation with suppliers of sustainable, preferably regional products.

Avoiding waste is another important part of our more sustainable in-flight product. We have redesigned our on-board retail program by paying great attention to product provenance, sustainable packaging and working with partners who have the same interests at heart. By 2050, 100% of our on-board packaging will be made from renewable or recycled materials,”Said Lorenza Maggio, Vice President of Customer Experience and Marketing at Eurowings.

Eurowings already uses wooden stirrers and paper cups instead of their plastic alternatives, and largely dispenses with cellophane packaging in its Wings Shop offerings.

Another item on the agenda: reducing food waste. To achieve this objective, Eurowings has decided, among other things, on an exceptional campaign: the airline company introduces a “Happy Hour” on the last flight of each day. You can buy fresh food such as sandwiches or snacks with a 50% discount. With the help of artificial intelligence, Eurowings acquires data from each flight and constantly adjusts the quantities loaded to actual demand in order to reduce waste.

As a member of the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings is also committed to reducing its carbon emissions to 50% compared to 2019 by 2030 and to become carbon neutral on board and on the ground by 2050. But sustainability does not stop at carbon emissions. Social and societal issues are another important element of Eurowings’ sustainable development strategy. As a result, the airline also takes social sustainability into account in the selection of its cooperation partners and on-board products.

More choice and sustainability at Wings Bistro

Eurowings passengers will now have a wider selection of vegan and vegetarian snacks and meals in the Wings Bistro – vegan rolls with selected regional ingredients, for example.

Eurowings successfully cooperated with the company “to share” for several years now. With every bottle of water purchased on board, passengers invest in providing safe drinking water for the people of Zimbabwe or Kenya. New on board: the “Lemonaid” brand – every lemonade purchased not only supports fair trade, but also social projects in countries where its ingredients are originally grown. For those who prefer to enjoy a hot drink, Eurowings now also offers “ChariTea” branded organic tea. As before, the “bring your own mug” The concept remains in place: Passengers who bring their own cup not only reduce the use of plastic, but also get a 50 cent discount on the drink they ordered.

New sustainable products in the Wings store

With “STOP THE WATER BY USING ME!” “ Eurowings has found another partner that meets strict sustainability criteria for the manufacture of its products: the climate-neutral skincare range does not use any synthetic ingredients or animal testing. The purchase of a product supports “Good Water Projects”.

Passengers will also find “Bracelet” on board: high quality recycled bracelets handcrafted in Hamburg from old fishing nets salvaged from the ocean.

Beyond that, Eurowings passengers have the opportunity to make an active contribution on board by donating one euro which directly benefits the charity. “Alliance aid” when they buy a meal or a product. Each donation provides two children with a full, healthy school meal each day.

Eurowings’ commitment to greater sustainability does not end with the products offered on board. This can also be seen in the production of the new bistro and store cards: in addition to a shiny new design, they are also more environmentally friendly and are made from 100% FSC certified recycled paper. The carbon equivalents emitted during production are fully offset.

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