My family Christmas trip in Lufthansa first class

Almost as rare as a unicorn sighting, a trio of award seats opened in Lufthansa First Class from San Francisco to Frankfurt, allowing me to treat my family to one of my favorite airline products in the world for Christmas. .

Lufthansa First Class Family Christmas Trip

Our plan was to spend Christmas in Germany this year after spending last Christmas in Los Angeles. We had booked tickets early on SWISS but ended up having to cancel due to a number of commitments in LA.

Our hope was to find a way to get to Germany and I was quite ready to travel economy class, as I did during the summer. But lo and behold, while the Los Angeles – Frankfurt flight was full, I noticed that the San Francisco – Frankfurt flight, LH455, was EMPTY in first class… all eight seats were available for sale, and three of those seats were available. for the mileage redemption partner.

I’ve used up my miles over the past two years and no longer generate them at the rate I used to. So this was a substantial investment in points (100K per person via Aeroplan plus 2,500 points for the baby), but I decided to spend the points because:

  • That’s why I collect points in the first place – to give my family ambitious trips that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.
  • To maximize comfort and minimize jet lag for what will be a shorter trip to Germany this year
  • Lufthansa could take a decision like SWISS and suddenly block first-class trade for its partners, especially when it launches its new first-class four-seater A350 product next year.
  • Not only will I be able to take my family first class on a 10 hour flight, but we will also be able to visit the first class terminal on landing (I will have my duck) and be driven with a driver to our connecting flight. towards Basel.


As long as my one year old son behaves well, it will be a glorious Christmas trip across the Atlantic. I will not be posting a live travel blog, but will be logging in after Christmas with an update on the trip progress.

It’s so rare to see more than one or two award first class seats on a flight, let alone on vacation. Even though it pains me to think my mileage is almost used up, I couldn’t resist the rare chance to give my family something really special.

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