Major players in the German travel market are excited about Greece considering extending the tourist season

The main German players in the travel market are enthusiastic about the goal of the Greek Ministry of Tourism to extend the tourist season in Greece until winter.

In this regard, the Greek Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, held a series of meetings with the heads of airlines as well as tour operators while unveiling the strategy of the ministry to attract tourists to the Hellenic Republic in the following months after the end of the high summer season. , reports

During a meeting that the Minister of Tourism of Greece had with the leaders of the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings, Condor as well as Der Touristic, he underlined the success that the tourism industry of the Hellenic Republic has enjoyed this year, considering it was the only European country that managed to have an increase in flights amid the COVID-19 situation, compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

The Minister underlined that the Hellenic Republic was the only country to have obtained travel packages until the end of this year and also raised the interest of airlines to extend flights in winter in order to extend the tourist season both in the center than in other territories of this country.

Kikilias also pointed out that during this summer, Lufthansa Group airlines offered more than 14,000 flights to the Hellenic Republic.

According to a report provided by Greek Travel Pages, during the meeting held with the Head of International Relations and Government Affairs of Lufthansa Group, Kay Lindermann, as well as the Head of Government Affairs of Eurowings, Vladimirvon Schnürbein, the Greek Minister of Tourism , Kikilias, unveiled strategic plans for airlines to increase flights to the Hellenic Republic during the winter months.

Earlier, the Greek Tourism Minister presented the strategy for the next year after highlighting the country’s success in the tourism sector this year.

The minister said that Greece is currently a top destination, ready for the next steps.

“It is clear that Greece exceeds all expectations in terms of tourism product for 2022. The country is the summer par excellence – and not only – a destination for every traveler as it offers unique experiences to those who visit it”, Kikilias pointed out.

He also added that despite the current situation caused by war in Europe, inflation, energy crisis, pandemic situation and Greek-Turkish relations, Greece managed to have a successful summer season.

The minister also mentioned the sharp increase in travel revenue in June this year, compared to the figures for the same month in 2019.

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