Lufthansa to deaf customer: “keep trying” to talk to us on the phone

Extraordinary Twitter exchange with a deaf customer who booked a flight on Lufthansa and the Lufthansa social media team who told him flight changes can only be made over the phone.

Customer: @lufthansa hi! I am deaf and cannot call your service center in Canada. I need help with my booked (bookable) flight because your online system does not allow me to move my bookable flight at all. He says I have to call you! There is no e-mail address! Please help!

Lufthansa: Hello, unfortunately we cannot help you, as a social media team we do not have access to the reservation system. Please call a Lufthansah service center https: // bit. ly / 38VAbbK. Our colleagues will check the alternative options for you. / Sina

Customer: Thanks but I can’t hear the phone and how can I call the service center ??

Lufthansa: Reservation changes are strictly made with our customer service team. There is no e-mail to modify the reservation of a ticket. Please keep trying. I am sorry. / Sina

Hey, deaf person, keep trying to call us on the phone. Maybe you will be lucky!

Lufthansa sent a pathetic master key to Brianna Wu, who was not the customer, just a retweet of the exchange between the customer and Lufthansa:

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