Lufthansa Technik aircraft concept includes an underwater cabin


While you might have guessed that the innovative new aircraft from Lufthansa Technik, the leading supplier of cabin interiors, would not look like anything you’ve seen before, you probably didn’t expect the Airbus jet. or equipped with an underwater cabin. And yet, that’s exactly the selling point, among its other luxury features.

The Explorer cabin, which is inspired by explorer superyachts, technically cannot travel both in the sky and in the sea. Sorry to burst your bubble. It does, however, have the ability to project whatever you want right into the cabin, which means you can immerse yourself “in the sea”, if that’s your thing.

“Over the past few months, we have intensively analyzed the visual context and typical elements of the Explorer class of boats in order to transfer the design idea behind it from the water to the air, and so in a new cabin design, ”said Jan Grube sales manager, VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services division of Lufthansa Technik, said in a press release. “The interior elements, which also incorporate completely new functionalities, are therefore deliberately kept multifunctional. “

Designed to accommodate 10 to 16 passengers and inspired by the guest experience, the Explorer has classic elements such as bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and even dining and conference rooms, the company reports. .

“Lufthansa Technik regularly develops new VIP aircraft cabin concepts that both meet the latest market demands and represent the latest trends,” Sales Director Wieland Timm said in the statement. “With this burning study, we are continuing this tradition in an innovative way. We are developing ‘Explorer Design’ for a whole new target group.”

Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.

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