Lufthansa revamps its on-board shopping menu for short-haul economy class


Following Lufthansa’s launch of its onboard food and beverage purchase service in March, the airline unveiled its full menu for summer 2021. A partnership with German catering company Dean & David will enable the providing healthy and sustainable meals, with packaging developed in the same way to minimize the environmental impact. .

Lufthansa short-haul passengers have a new meal on board. Photo: Jake Hardiman – Simple Theft

Nothing free but a chocolate

Not everyone is a fan of Lufthansa’s decision to buy on board for short-haul flights. Until January this year, Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian passengers could enjoy free sandwiches, snacks and drinks on most flights, including alcohol. But from March of this year, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group decided to buy only food and drink on board.

At the time, Lufthansa had launched a range of dishes developed by Dean & David, with an emphasis on high-quality, healthy foods such as salmon-avocado bowls and Bircher muesli for breakfast. Now, for the summer season, Lufthansa has unveiled an overhaul of this menu, which it calls “Onboard Delights”.

Lufthansa buy on board
The menu is available for transborder flights of at least 60 minutes. Photo: Lufthansa

As before, the purchase of food on board is available on all cross-border flights lasting at least 60 minutes. If you don’t like paying for food on board, fear not, as all passengers will receive a free little treat – a Lufthansa chocolate. Bottled water will also be distributed on routes longer than 60 minutes.

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Delights on board

So for those who want a little more than a bottle of water and a choccy, what’s new on the Onboard Delights menu? Well, the avocado salmon bowl doesn’t seem to have made the cut, but there are still some tasty salads on offer. These include the tahini falafel and the crunchy chicken, and the Bircher muesli also stuck. The salads are € 10 ($ 12), while the bowl of muesli is € 5 ($ 6).

Lufthansa buy on board
The bowl of muesli remains. Photo: Lufthansa

Sandwiches start at € 5.50 ($ 6.50), and for an additional € 1.50 you can add a soft drink to order. A fruit snack includes a banana, a Dean & David ginger and an organic nut bar for € 6 ($ 7). The ‘best of dean & david’ lunch box is probably the closest you can get to a full meal and includes muesli, the crispy chicken salad bowl and a tomato and mozzarella sandwich, all for 12 € ($ 14.50).

Lufthansa buy on board
Crunchy Chicken seems like the new salmon avocado. Photo: Lufthansa

Energy snacks include cocoa powder coated hazelnuts or cashew jars, costing € 5.50 ($ 7), or nut bars for € 3.50 ($ 4). Not all junk food was banned from the plane, however, with the menu still featuring Twix, kettle chips, and the inimitable Haribo Goldbears. There’s also a savory apple crumble for € 4 ($ 5), or € 6 with an accompanying hot drink. Soft and alcoholic drinks range from € 3 ($ 3.50) for apple juice to € 15 ($ 18) for a miniature Moët.

Lufthansa buy on board
Anyone apple crumble? Photo: Lufthansa

As expected, all Lufthansa Onboard Delights have a strong focus on sustainability. Everything is wrapped in PaperWise material, made from residual farm waste, using things like sugar cane, grains, and rice rather than trees. Bottles are either PET or glass to ensure recycling compliance, and Dean & David meals focus on fresh, healthy and sustainable ingredients.

Lufthansa buy on board
The airline is also partnering with Dallmayr for coffee and chocolate. Photo: Lufthansa

The buying movement on board

The trend to stop serving free meals on short flights is gradually spilling over to almost all of the older carriers. British Airways has been offering on-board shopping for only a few years, and subsidiaries of Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings have done so too. It’s a natural progression as airlines look to save money, but it has led some not to call them better than a low cost carrier.

Nevertheless, Lufthansa believes that its on-board purchase offer will be an initiative that will appeal to everyone. He says his offer of free snacks no longer lived up to customer expectations and the on-board purchase selection will be vastly superior.

Are you going to miss your free snack on Lufthansa? Let us know in the comments.

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