Lufthansa launches leisure routes with Eurowings Discover



It has been known for some time that Lufthansa is considering a new brand for long-haul tourist flights under the project name Oceans. It was also revealed that short and medium-haul tourist destinations would also be an option for the new carrier. The Corona crisis delayed the launch of the project, but now there is news. In addition to the final name of the new brand, the first other details have also been finalized.

Eurowings Discover launches in summer 2021

The basis of the new brand is obviously Eurowings, under whose brand flights to long-haul destinations have already been offered in the past. The “Discover” addition will also be visible on the aircraft’s livery.

As a first step, operations are due to start with three Airbus A330s departing from Frankfurt – the planned start date is summer 2021, but the final destinations are not yet clear. “As before, demand planning is difficult due to the pandemic and depends on the development of the tourism and aviation industry in the wake of the Corona crisis, ”a Lufthansa spokesperson told InsideFlyer.

Initially, only long-haul flights will be offered with Eurowings Discover; the issue of short and medium-haul flights is currently still at issue: “Whether short and medium-haul flights will be added in the future will have to be decided at a later stage.“, According to the Lufthansa press release.

Eurowings Discover

Well-known travel classes

According to the current state of planning, three travel classes will be offered on board long-haul flights: an economy class, a Premium Economy product and a business class. Eurowings’ existing long-haul product is to be used as a starting point and will be developed in the future depending on weather conditions – based on customer needs and different travel behaviors due to corona virus, protection of the environment and other factors.

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