Lufthansa launches end-to-end carbon emissions platform


Lufthansa Group has launched a platform in collaboration with a climate technology startup to allow businesses and individuals to calculate carbon emissions from their entire trip.

The Squake platform, which connects to suppliers throughout a trip using standard application programming interfaces, allows users to calculate emissions from each part of their trip, such as flights, rental cars, ferries and buses. The calculated emissions can then be offset during the booking process using a range of climate protection projects certified to industry standards, such as the Gold Standard or Plan Vivo Standard.

Squake can be integrated with third-party portals, and Lufthansa said companies in travel management, shared mobility and logistics have already done so, including BizAway.

“The travel and mobility market is urgently looking for effective solutions to increase sustainability. Our answer to this is climate technology startup Squake, which helps companies accelerate their development of sustainable products, ”said Christine Wang, CEO of Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

“With Squake, we are able to make our compensation expertise accessible beyond aviation. Long-term sustainability can only be achieved if we work together, which is why we rely on cooperation within the market and between participating companies. Our vision for Squake is that it will provide a ‘green technology backbone’ for travel and mobility. “

Originally posted by BTN Europe.

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