Lufthansa Cargo welcomes new cargo ships, to retire latest MD-11F –


Lufthansa Cargo welcomes new cargo ships, to retire the latest MD-11F

In service since 1990, the then modernized long-range, widebody Boeing MD-11 was best known for its iconic three engines, winglets and advanced electronic flight instrument system. Despite its lack of commercial success, the MD-11 was built over time primarily for cargo operations, becoming the MD-11F.

Over the years, the views of the MD-11F in the blue sky diminished as fewer freight airlines used it, with preferences for using the more favorable Boeing 777F instead. Currently, only FedEx, UPS, Lufthansa Cargo, and Western Global Airlines operate the MD-11F in their operations. Soon, however, Lufthansa‘s cargo division will drop off the list as the MD-11F’s days continue to be numbered short.

Before Boeing stopped production of the MD-11 in 2000, there were only around 200 aircraft built, with the last aircraft delivered to Lufthansa Cargo in 2001. Unfortunately, the cargo airline will soon be saying goodbye at his last tri-jet. , which also happens to be the last of the aircraft type registered in Europe as D-ALCC. To express its gratitude for over 23 years of loyal service, Lufthansa Cargo has the latest tri-jet in a special farewell livery with “Farewell” and “Thank you, MD-11” engraved on its fuselage.

The last flights of the D-ALCC will be rotations to Cairo, Tel Aviv, Chicago and New York, before making its final landing at Frankfurt airport. The final landing is scheduled for October 15, 2021 at noon.

The release of the MD-11F paves the way for the reception of two Boeing 777F – registered under the names D-ALFJ and D-ALFK respectively – in the Lufthansa Cargo fleet. Of the two, D-ALFJ is a second-hand market acquisition and will remain as an all-white aircraft, with only an inscription on the fuselage, in an effort for Lufthansa Cargo to make the cargo capacity available to customers such as as soon as possible due to increasing demand from the freight industry.

On the other hand, the D-ALFK is a brand new aircraft from Boeing’s facility in Everett, Wash., And made its first landing at Frankfurt Airport on September 29, 2021. With some new additions , the cargo airline now operates a fleet of 11 Boeing 777Fs, including four other aircraft operated by its sister company AeroLogic, as part of their strategic partnership.

“We are very pleased that we can now offer our customers the capacity of a total of 15 highly efficient widebody cargo ships,” Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, said in a press release.

She also adds that Lufthansa Cargo, alongside the cargo capacities of parent airline Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings Discover, allows flexibility in cargo management to form a dense, but largely global, network. The new deliveries mark the completion of Lufthansa Cargo’s fleet expansion plans, but the airline still plans to add two more Airbus A321P2Fs – registered under the names D-AEUA and D-AEUC – from another company sister, Lufthansa Cityline.

With more than 6.5 billion revenue tonne-kilometers and a turnover of 2.8 billion euros last year, Lufthansa Cargo was already one of the world’s leading air freight companies. And given the timely expansion of the fleet to further boost the efficiency of air cargo, it definitely highlights the cargo airline’s place among the best.

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