Lufthansa and Eurowings reduce their summer hours

Airlines belonging to the Lufthansa Group announced that they would reduce their flight schedules during the month of July.

Lufthansa has already canceled around 900 domestic and intra-European flights from its Frankfurt and Munich hubs. For its part, Eurowings has reduced its scheduled flights by “several hundred” to ensure adequate service in the middle of one of the busiest periods for air transport.

The reduction in the number of services is the result of a lack of personnel. Currently, it affects the areas of customer service, ground operations and air traffic control. As detailed by both companies, the infrastructure needed to support the volume of operations is still suffering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In many cases, the increase in demand on the eve of the summer season has so far not been accompanied by an increase in the resources needed to adequately respond to all services. This has had a particular impact in Europe, where massive cancellations and rescheduling have already taken place in recent weeks.

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In this context, Lufthansa and Eurowings have taken measures to offer the greatest possible stability and reliability to their passengers. However, they warned that many flights are likely to experience delays or cancellations ‘due to bottlenecks’ at many airports over the summer.

“Passengers will be informed immediately of cancellations and will be relocated to other Lufthansa or Eurowings flights depending on availability,” they said. In addition, they recommended using the digital services of both companies, arriving at the airport on time and checking in early. On the other hand, they advised to reduce the amount of luggage on board in order to avoid delays at security checks.

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