Lions fans rush to Texans charity QB Deshaun Watson to say thank you for their role in the household


ALLEN PARK – Deshaun Watson tore the Detroit Lions apart on Thanksgiving, dealing the final blow to Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn’s tenure.

While it may seem bleak to some, a group of fans showed their appreciation by rushing to the Texans quarterback’s charity to thank him for his role. Houston beat the Detroit Lions 41-25 on Thanksgiving, and it wasn’t even that close. Watson threw for 318 yards and four touchdowns in the win, putting away the game with a flea flicker in the fourth quarter, he asked his coach to tune in. He slipped out of the pocket with ease and confidently threw the ball over Patricia’s defense on the way to rout in front of a domestic crowd.

Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp has said Detroit’s previous two games, a shutout loss to the Panthers and then Thanksgiving, played a role in the coach and general manager’s dismissal mid-season.

“You know 10 days ago we looked like we had a good chance of being tied in the playoffs and those two games were extremely disappointing,” said Ford Hamp. “It just seemed like the way forward wasn’t what we wanted it to be, so, yes, we thought it was a good time to make the switch.”

Detroit Pride reports that the efforts were led by a group of Lions fans on Reddit. One of the ideas for catching fire was to donate $ 13 in honor of each of Patricia’s victories in Detroit. NFL Network Reports over $ 1,000 arrived Sunday morning. Watson will match the donations and give the first 100 people a free lunch at Lefty’s Cheesesteak in Detroit.

Watson is co-owner of the national channel, according to the company’s statement website. The Detroit location would also be where the Texans enjoyed their pre-game meal earlier in the week. The “Deshaun Watson Foundation” focuses on education, health, housing and other issues facing families and children in underserved communities.

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