Last week in economy class and beyond (September 19)



It’s that time of the week again, where I think back to some of the things I’ve done and written about.

Yes it is Last week in economy class and beyond.

Over London earlier this week at night. Sometimes sitting on the right side of the plane is not a bad idea.

Economy class and beyond at Recaro Aircraft Seating

Yes, we were on the road for the first time in a year, as guests of Recaro Aircraft Seating. Here is the first writing batch of our trip – and we have a lot more in the works.

Changes to travel restrictions

Routes and networks

Passenger experience

New aircraft news

Pretty pictures

Next week

After a fun weekend, it’s back to the grindstone next week. But we have a lot of arrears, starting with the Snapshots while I try to scramble the trip report together.

Plus, I have a lot of thoughts on testing and stuff, as well as more coverage of our trip to Recaro.

Plus, we’ll have our usual mix of routes and networks, passenger experience news, and updates on travel restrictions.

Until then, stay safe there!

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DN: CB01.


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