KLM named Europe’s safest airline; Second safest in the world

KLM was named the safest airline in Europe in a report by the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center (JACDEC) based on data from 2021. The Dutch company ranked second globally, followed by Emirates, which has also won first place a year earlier.

Emirates received a score of 95.05% from JACDEC, which conducts its annual survey for aviation magazine Aero International. KLM arrived with a score of 93.31%. US airlines JetBlue and Delta Air Lines placed third and fourth, with Easyjet rounding out the top five. Accidents and incidents of the past weighed more heavily in the rankings than usual due to the significant decrease in kilometers traveled by commercial passenger jets during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was the first time that JACDEC had created continental rankings as well as airlines with a strong domestic market in countries like China and the United States had a major advantage in terms of miles flown. In Europe, KLM tops the list, ahead of Finnair and Air Europa.

Transavia, a subsidiary of KLM, comes in fourth position. Some well-known airlines such as Austrian Airlines and Eurowings were not on the list at all because they had not flown enough passenger miles last year.

Surprisingly, Emirates did not rank number one on its own regional list. The airline was the second from Etihad Airways, which failed to claim a position on the global list due to its size.

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