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Luigi Di Maio, Italian Foreign Minister, said on Sunday (September 26th) that the recognition of the Taliban government is “impossible” due to the presence of “terrorists” among the ministers and stressed the humanitarian aid for the protection of women and girls.

“Recognition of the Taliban government is impossible because there are 17 terrorists among the ministers, and the human rights of women and girls are continuously violated,” Di Maio told Rai 3 state television.

Maio, who chaired a meeting of G20 foreign ministers in New York last week, said the Afghan people should start receiving financial support that was frozen after the Taliban came to power last month.

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“In a while, they will not be able to pay the wages. It is clear that we must prevent Afghanistan from imploding and an uncontrolled migratory flow that could destabilize neighboring countries,” said Di Maio.

Maio said there are ways to secure “financial support” without giving money to the Taliban. He added that part of humanitarian aid “must always” go to the protection of women and girls.

Italy holds the annual rotating presidency of the G20 and plans to host a special summit on Afghanistan.

“The G20 countries as well as Afghanistan’s neighbors are committed to fighting terrorism and working for the protection of human rights,” said Di Maio.

When asked if a date had been set for the G20 leaders’ meeting on Afghanistan, Di Maio said it would be “in the coming weeks”.

“The date is not yet public but the conditions are met to convene the summit of G20 leaders, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi,” he said.

Taliban appeal to international airlines

Meanwhile, the Taliban government in Afghanistan on Sunday (Sept. 26) urged international airlines to resume flights to and from Kabul, saying all technical issues at the country’s main airport have been resolved.

In a statement, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the newly appointed spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said the Taliban hoped trade services would resume soon and promised full cooperation.

“Many Afghan citizens were stuck outside and unable to return to their home countries. In addition, many Afghan citizens who have international jobs or pursue studies abroad are now having difficulty reaching their destinations. “, did he declare.

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