Is this the worst business class meal ever?


Business class has had a few weird years. Not only are some airlines ripping off business class seats to make way for the premium economy, there have also been serious cuts in business class itself.

Since 2019 we have seen incidents such as Noodlegate (which involved rather disgruntled business class passengers being served noodles) as well as more recently airlines which have ‘unbundled’ business class and removed automatic rights such as that the selection of seats and access to lounges for certain types of business. class rates.

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Some are big fans, claiming that it offers more flexibility, others less …

Enter: Lufthansa, and its new concept of regional catering in business class, “heimat”, which means “homeland”, and which is a little too simple for some passengers to taste.

Speaking of a recent intra-European Lufthansa flight, Ben Schlappig of A thousand at a time, compared the meal he received to an elementary school lunch.

“The whole meal was like this kid in elementary school trying to swap his food with others, because it just didn’t look very appealing (and I’m polite – I think the other comparison could be with the Fyre festival). ”

What exactly was the meal like then, when he was served? We’ll let him take it from here.

“On the short 45-minute afternoon flight from Frankfurt to Paris, I was served a totally different meal than what I’m used to on Lufthansa. After take-off, the crew presented all business class passengers with a sandwich wrapped on a plate, ”he wrote on A thousand at a time.

He added, “Hmmm, that looked a lot different than what I’ve been offered in the past. I unwrapped it and found bread (not particularly fresh), cheese and some kind of spread.

“There was no support. That’s it? No, don’t worry, that’s not it. Just before landing, after emptying the trays, a basket of apples was brought.

“Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t particularly like to bite into apples when I haven’t washed my hands in a while, I don’t have a knife, I don’t know if the apple is clean, etc. ”

He’s not the only one not super impressed with Lufthansa sandwiches, with Matthew Klint from Live and fly writing (somewhat satirically) of the sandwich he received in economy class in 2020: “You must bring your own food if you are traveling in Lufthansa economy class… or just adopt the ‘Lufthansa diet’.”

“Los Angeles to Frankfurt is 10.5 hours. I was very hungry before I landed. But it has been served, ”he wrote.

Image Credit: Live & Let’s Fly

“Do you think that looks bad?” You should have smelled it… Warm egg salad on a plane with an unidentified slice of cheese and a soggy cucumber? No thank you … I prefer not to spend all day in the bathroom. Seriously, no one ate it. No one in my row, no one in front of me, no one in front of me. It was pure waste “(Live and fly).

Lufthansa isn’t alone (it would seem) to be making cost cutting a positive, with airlines around the world losing around $ 370 billion in 2020 and having to deal with a tight ship for now.

While the cliché is that it is never beautiful to complain about a premium product (because no matter how bad it is, it’s always better than the economy), there is some discussion. Important to have about the new standard and value for business class – if airlines always charge the same fare for business class, passengers have a right to demand an equally high quality experience.

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