I tested the world’s first Ookkie kid’s skate on my 3 year old son

When you have two children, it often happens that the youngest copies the eldest. My 6 year old being a born daredevil meant my 3 year old had his work cut out on his scooter.

It’s all about the balance you see, and when you’ve only been walking for a few years, mastering the kicking, pushing, hilling motion while trying to keep up with a fast bro isn’t easy.

Therefore it is very obvious that Ookkie Skateboard was created by a parent.

Designed to help toddlers learn to skateboard safely, it’s one of those “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner” ideas.

Like with a scooter, the Ookkie helps develop balance and stability, but the genius kick is the parent handle that gives you ultimate control over speed and direction when your child is getting started – limiting heart-pounding moments in the mouth.


Since my son’s favorite line right now is “NO MOM, I’M DOING IT BY MYSELF”, I didn’t have high hopes for the Ookkie from a toddler-dictatorial standpoint.

However, in addition to the parent handle, the Ookkie also has the option of a 41-60cm adjustable child handle which helps the child learn to balance and feel fully in control. As a result, he didn’t notice or care about my sleeve because he was so smug, gripping and sliding sideways like a surfer on a wave.

Like most parents, I look for products that are designed to last and adapt to my child’s growth. the okkie does exactly that. The parent and child grips can be used together or separately depending on what stage you are in, then optionally removed completely when they can skateboard without any assistance. It is thanks to this adaptability that the Ookkie is suitable from 10 months (yes 10 months!) to 6 years.


It is also a premium product; robust, resistant and in no way “plastic”, which is my pet peeve when it comes to children’s equipment in general. It should also be added that quality begins and ends at the skateboard itself.

To quote my husband when we first fitted our child, “this is the best helmet and pads I’ve seen” and it comes from a man who tirelessly scoured the safety gear market BMX for our seniors over the years.

The Ookkie helmet adapts perfectly to the shape of the head, does not wobble or seem flimsy and the pads are strong, quick and easy to put on with their thick and stretchy fabric.

Finally, even though safety is all that really matters in the end, it must be said that there was no cooler kid in the park that day. And the boy knew it!

Ookkie skateboards are available for purchase online for £109.99 plus free shipping and are available in five colors.

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