Germans want express train to go through Prague and will be overwhelmed by computers


Like it or not, we are closer to each other with the Germans and Germany than we often think. This is all the more reason to watch what is going on in Germany. Economy, business, politics and culture. Everything is important, interesting and strange. Regularly written by Germanophile Pavla Francová in his column entitled Alles Gute.

Charming and down to earth

Banning cheap flights and canceling short domestic flights is the plan of the Greens candidate for chancellor, Annalina Burbock. Not because she was bothered by the cheap vacation, she says, but some ticket prices are dumped, and that should be stopped. See the route Higher aviation taxesSo that he is responsible for the climate. Instead of flying, you want to support train travel.

Analyn Burbook | Getty Images

A woman who has a good chance of succeeding in the fall elections also wants new buildings to be automatically fitted with solar panels. And the first law you want to introduce as chancellor is for immediate climate protection.

Express train via Prague

Five hours by train from Berlin to Vienna. And yes, this road has to go through Prague. Representatives of the three countries agreed yesterday on Create a highway, Which will link the three capitals and will essentially speed up (in three hours!) The rail transport of passengers and freight between them. The project, called Trans-Europ-Express TEE 2.0, is expected to be completed in the mid-1930s and involves a tunnel through the Ore Mountains. Oh really?

Eastern Acts

The engine of the German economy is located in the east. Under Donald Trump, trade between Germany and the United States suffered so badly that Poland overtook the United States and was the Federal Republic’s third largest importer. Trade with other countries is also increasing. “Eastern Europe, the engine of German economic growth, is back in the saddle”, Handelsblatt writes, This indicates that trade with Eastern Europe is underestimated in Germany.

At the same time, the mutual trade between our western neighbors and the four Visegrad countries is more important than, for example, those with China or the United States. With 212 billion euros in the first quarter of this year, it represented nearly a fifth of Germany’s foreign trade. On the other hand, adds Handelsblatt, the economic importance of Russia is overestimated in Germany.

Shuttle for holidays

New word for today: Koffer – travel bag. The Germans are sitting on it waiting for a vaccination. The higher the vaccination rate, the greater the number of reservations by sea. For example, the Lufthansy Eurowings subsidiary declared 50,000 new bookings per day.

Because of this, they have to quickly add new and new connections. For the next four weeks only, Eurowings had to Add 500 additional trips. And where do the Germans mainly go? Jawohl, the largest “German” island: Mallorca.

Heating from a computer

A new district is being created in Frankfurt am Main, where 1,300 apartments will be heated by computers. Specifically, the heat generated in data centers. Frankfurt has the most data centers in Germany, which account for one-fifth of the financial city’s total energy consumption.

However, at the same time, they generate a large amount of heat that could theoretically heat all the houses in the city. He must put this theory into practice, at least in part New neighborhood project, Which will also be the first example of the use of heat from computers across Germany.

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