France to lift quarantine rules for vaccinated Britons


TThe orange list is here to stay, the government has confirmed, despite calls for its removal amid growing confusion over the state of summer vacation abroad.

Portugal is the latest country to be added to the orange list, from green, meaning returning travelers will have to self-quarantine once they return to the UK. The Foreign Ministry has not changed its travel advice for the country, however, meaning some tour operators will continue to organize trips there.

The Labor Party has said there should only be two lists, green and red. But Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary, told Sky News: “I hope people understand that you shouldn’t be visiting these amber-listed countries for the holidays. You wouldn’t go through an amber light at traffic lights. , you shouldn’t go on vacation to these countries either. “

Since the resumption of holidays abroad, the amber category of countries has caused widespread perplexity – some 100,000 Britons were due to travel to Spain on the Amber List when it lifted restrictions, for example.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, Managing Director of Advantage Travel Partnership, told BBC Radio 4 that Portugal’s removal from the green list was “a devastating blow to consumers and the industry”. She was among industry leaders criticizing the demise of the “green watch list,” a government plan supposed to help avoid the last-minute nature of 2020 travel lane changes.

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