Fleeing migrants force Palma de Mallorca airport to suspend activities for 4 hours


After an apparent effort by migrants to enter the country illegally, one of Spain’s busiest airports was closed for around four hours on Friday, November 5. A plane bound for Istanbul in Turkey from Morocco was diverted to Palma de Mallorca in Spain after a medical problem was reported on board, reported BBC News outlet. The report said that after the plane landed, up to 21 people rushed to the runways to escape through the outer fence. Although police got hold of a few of them, at least 12 people were still at large on Saturday, November 6. Meanwhile, police are also examining whether the group’s escape from the plane was spontaneous or part of a larger plan to enter illegally. the country, the exit.

Illegal immigrants shut down busy Spanish airport

Aina Calvo, the main Spanish government official in charge of the Balearic Islands, called the incident “unprecedented” for a Spanish airport. The tragedy unfolded when rescuers boarded the Air Arabia Maroc plane to rescue a Moroccan who allegedly fell into a diabetic coma. In doing so, 21 other passengers raced down the steps and fled, hiding under parked planes. The Moroccan man was released and detained for entering the country illegally after a health check at a hospital found him to be in good health. Meanwhile, a traveling companion who had accompanied him to the hospital is said to have disappeared, BBC News reported citing Spain Efe News Agency.

“The Guardia Civil detained most of the escapees”

The Guardia Civil apprehended most of the escapees, with an order marching along the road to Manacor, according to the Mallorca Daily Bulletin. Investigators informed Spanish radio Cadener SER that they believe the incident was organized with the aim of hijacking the plane to Spain and entering the European country illegally. It should be mentioned here that as a result of the incident, no less than 60 national and international planes were hijacked or delayed. A Eurowings flight from Munich arrived at 8:10 p.m. local time, the last flight before closing. Later, the Air Arabia Maroc plane flew to Turkey with its remaining passengers.

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