Face mask rules on Ryanair, EasyJet, TUI and Jet2 flights in Europe after trip change

It was announced yesterday that face mask rules are set to be relaxed on board flights to countries in Europe.

Experts from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have recommended that face mask requirements be removed inside planes at from next Monday.

They made the decision as the Covid situation across Europe continues to improve.

Here’s what four of the UK’s major airlines are doing in response to the revised guidelines.



Face masks will no longer be mandatory on Ryanair flights to a number of EU country, the airline has confirmed.

In a statement, the low-cost airline welcomed the move and will remove the requirement for passengers to wear face coverings on flights to multiple destinations.

Face coverings will still be mandatory on flights to 15 EU states where the rule remains public transport law.

These include Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said: “We welcome this relaxation of EASA and ECDC rules effective Monday 16th May.

“From this date, face masks will be optional on all Ryanair flights, with the exception of flights to and from the 15 EU states where masks remain mandatory on public transport.

“We expect these states to relax their rules on face masks over the next few days in accordance with these new health guidelines from EASA and ECDC.

“Potential passengers can view the latest EU face mask regulations on the Re-Open EU website.”

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EasyJet has removed the requirement to wear a face covering on flights where the mandate has been dropped in countries at the start and end of travel.

The company said it welcomed the decision taken yesterday by EASA and ECDC.

A spokesperson for EasyJet said: “We welcome these guidelines from EASA and ECDC and continue to urge European governments to take a coordinated approach to removing mask requirements on board aircraft, to make it easy and clear for customers.

“On flights where masks are no longer legally required at both ends of the route, we are not requiring customers and crew to wear masks on board and are phasing out the requirement when countries at both ends of a route no longer legally impose it.

“As a pan-European airline operating in more than 30 countries, we must continue to ensure that we and our customers comply with the legal requirements of all the countries to which we fly. This means that when we fly to or from countries where mask requirements remain in place, we will follow the relevant legal requirement and we will continue to provide information to customers detailing the specific mask requirements on their flight.



TUI said the face mask mandate on board its flights has been removed for travel to all destinations – except Italy.

But they continued to urge fliers to wear one throughout the flight whenever possible.

Passengers may be required to wear face coverings inside the airport or at their arrival destination.

A notice on the company’s website reads: ‘Face masks will no longer be a legal requirement on TUI Airways flights to/from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. and Wales, but in line with UK Government and EU Charter guidelines, we strongly recommend that you always wear a mask throughout your flight.

“It is important to note that you may still be required to wear a mask when leaving the aircraft and once inside the airport at your arrival destination.

“It is mandatory for all customers aged six and over traveling to Italy on TUI Airways to wear an FFP2 mask throughout their flight. Don’t forget to bring proof if you are medically exempt.



Jet2 has removed the legal requirement to wear a face mask at its airports and on board aircraft.

They continued to recommend passengers wear a mask whenever possible. The company also reminded customers that they might need to wear one when they arrive at their overseas destination.

Jet2’s advice adds: ‘You may be required to wear a mask when leaving the aircraft, inside the airport and on board our transfers to and from your accommodation, even if you are fully vaccinated.

“There may also be additional restrictions on face masks in some locations, and rules regarding ages may also differ by destination.

“If you don’t wear a face mask in certain destinations, you risk being fined by local authorities.”

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