Expedia Honeymoon Plans Ruined In Just 10 Minutes Consumer affairs


A 10 minute flight change costs us our honeymoon! My husband and I were supposed to get married last year and in January 2020 we booked a Santorini honeymoon for September through Expedia. When Covid intervened, the hotel reservation was delayed for a year and a credit note issued for the flights. We booked the flights with the voucher and an administration fee of £ 40 was charged for the privilege.

Two months later, Expedia informed us that the airline, Lufthansa, had changed the flight time by 10 minutes. His email said we had nothing to do if we accepted the change. Then, out of the blue, Lufthansa issued a partial refund. In July, two months before our honeymoon, we were told that Lufthansa was claiming that we had canceled the flight and therefore there would be no more refunds.

Expedia told us to fix the problem with Lufthansa. Lufthansa said that Expedia did not confirm the 10-minute flight change as required and therefore the reservation was canceled. He claimed that he had not received any contact with Expedia and that only Expedia could reinstate our reservation. To this day, Expedia claimed it could no longer find our files and advised us to rebook at our expense. He ignored subsequent emails and a formal letter of complaint. We are now less than a fortnight from our trip and currently have no flights or money.
ML, London

It’s a sadly familiar theme. Third-party booking platforms promise big savings, but involving an intermediary can leave customers in limbo. Airlines insist that the customer communicate through the booking agent, and the booking agent is, too often, clueless or in secrecy. You paid £ 515 for your flights and received £ 163 in unsolicited reimbursement.

Lufthansa did not respond to a request for comment. Expedia discovered that it could finally find your files when the media spotlight turned on it. It is now agreed to reimburse you for the outstanding £ 352 for flights canceled by its own mess. He also offered to cover the difference in the price of new flights and checked baggage each as a “goodwill gesture” if you make a new booking with Expedia. Too late. Over time, you bought new flights directly from the airline. “We apologize that the customer waited for a response. This does not correspond to our usual customer service and has been reported, ”he said.

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