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Eurowings Discover, the Lufthansa Group’s new leisure carrier that operates both wide-bodied and narrow-body Airbuses, will install the AERQ’s AERENA open computing platform – with integrated monitors – next year. on board an A320.

The A320 will serve as a test aircraft for the AERQ’s new digital passenger experience. But if the trial proves successful, the AERQ tells Runway Girl Network that it anticipates interest from Eurowings Discover and “many other airlines”.

As part of their far-reaching partnership announced today at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the AERQ’s so-called “AERENA inseat” system will equip the Eurowings Discover A320 from nose to tail. The system will provide passengers with “a premium in-flight entertainment experience powered by the latest technology,” says the AERQ, and will be supported by the company’s cloud infrastructure.

“Seat Integration and HIC [head impact criterion] testing will begin in the third quarter of 2022,” says the company, which is a joint venture between South Korean multinational tech conglomerate LG Electronics and aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul giant Lufthansa Technik. The installed system will fly in 2023.

As part of this test, passengers’ own devices will be an integral part of the experience, able to control the screens in front of them. Second-screen features are also in the works, including applications allowing passengers to continue watching a film while consulting information such as the mobile map or promotional offers. And Bluetooth audio functionality will be tested, RGN can confirm that.

The AERQ is preparing to support AERENA installations, whether on narrow bodies like the Eurowings Discover A320, or as shown here in a render of a widebody installation. Image: AERQ

AERENA’s inseat solution is presented as being “seat-centric”. A spokesperson for the AERQ explains: “The storage capacities in the monitors will be significant and the size can be scaled. Initially, the power supply for the monitors will be hard-wired, which still supports a lean system architecture and thus limits complexity.

Before the beginnings of AERENA, the AERQ was work with a list of new and potential partners to integrate a well-curated mix of apps, with the aim of both entertaining and engaging passengers, as well as generating ancillary revenue for airlines.

For the Eurowings Discover project, the applications and content are being defined between the carrier and the AERQ. “It is likely that a number of applications where the AERQ recently announced partnerships can be offered,” the AERQ spokeswoman told RGN.


Maximilian Meintgens, Product and Marketing Director at Eurowings Discover, said in a statement: “We are delighted with this partnership with the AERQ, as we believe in the great advantages of AERENA for our customers.

“Through intelligent data capture, analysis and matching, we can learn more about and respond specifically to passenger entertainment demands. The continuous development of in-flight entertainment is at the heart of our product strategy.

Son Yob (Louis) Pak, co-director general of the AERQ, adds that Eurowings Discover will benefit from the agility of AERENA which will allow “rapid updates of all content, whether AVOD, Graphical User Interface (GUI) or any application to move the experience and engagement to a new level.With AERENA, Eurowings Discover can personalize its in-vehicle product and truly differentiate itself from its competitors.

AERQ and Eurowings Discover leaders celebrate their new partnership

Eurowings Discover and AERQ executives celebrate their new partnership at AIX today. Image: AERQ

Eurowings Discover is seen as a competitor to German leisure carrier Condor, which has been strengthening its passenger experience credentials (PaxEx). It should be noted that leisure operators are taking PaxEx so seriously, as the aviation industry accelerates its exit from the Covid pandemic.

According to the AERQ, different layers of passenger personalization will be supported by its AERENA trial with Eurowings Discover, with the final configuration to be defined in due course between the two companies.

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