Eurowings Discover to serve Halifax and Calgary in 2022


Eurowings Discover is now implementing the last planned long-haul tourist routes. Thus, the crane subsidiary is setting up two new routes to Canada.

The subsidiary of Lufthansa Eurowings Discover is still young in progress. The low-cost airline focuses specifically on long-haul tourist routes. And it is precisely here that Eurowings Discover must now create the last routes that have been planned so far, such as noted. This concerns two routes to Canada, which have already been bypassed in the Eurowings Discover system since yesterday and which will also be practically certified next year.

Eurowings Discover acquires Calgary and Halifax

Eurowings Discover is still ongoing. Young Lufthansa– The girl has gradually moved away from her mother’s tourist routes, as well as hers. The operation is now scheduled to end with the rest of the planned long-distance tourism-oriented routes, which will then be carried out by Eurowings Discover. Until now, most of these routes were only available as Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance transport links. As a result, routes to Canada are the last to be included in the airline’s low cost flight program. The flights in question have been included in the Eurowings Discover system since yesterday, October 20.

Among other things, Eurowings Discover will resume the route to Halifax.

The planned routes are two long-haul routes, from Frankfurt to Calgary, which will be operated by Eurowings Discover from 23 May next year, and the route to Halifax, which will be operated by Eurowings Discover from 13 June 2022. On the expiry of yesterday’s date, the flight number has changed The former were initially converted to “new Lufthansa Marketing flight numbers” with the extension “operated by Eurowings Discover” and moved to the Lufthansa reservation system . As Lufthansa has also announced, additional reserved services, such as seat reservations, tours, children traveling alone and pets, will be automatically booked, as far as technically possible.

Staff are very critical

Eurowings Discover seems to have started – in one form or another – successfully. The Lufthansa subsidiary mainly wants to tackle long-distance tourist routes. But given the working conditions and staff, Eurowings Discover is now facing strong criticism. Because to be as competitive as possible and to be able to stand up to airlines like the Condor vacation airline. It is not surprising that this comes at the expense of working conditions and employees. At least this is where the criticisms come from the unions Vereinigung Cockpit (VC for short) and the Independent Flight Attendants Organization (UFO for short), which now want to create a representative body for staff or a works council for Eurowings. Discover – which is still not the case. Come in.

Conclusion on the seizure of Canada’s roads

From now on, the last of the planned long-distance tourist routes will soon be implemented by the young subsidiary of Lufthansa, which would have already taken place on the side of the system. Operationally, the routes from Frankfurt to Halifax and Calgary will be used by Eurowings Discover next year. As a result, passengers then expect the product and service from the crane branch. which also faces strong criticism from its employees. There’s a lot going on at Eurowings Discover.

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