EU air traffic reached 81% of pre-pandemic levels last week, Eurocontrol reveals

The European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, Eurocontrol, showed through its latest report that the number of flights within the continent continued to increase last week.

According to the latest comprehensive air traffic assessment published by Eurocontrol, European network traffic recorded an average of 24,648 flights per day from April 7 to April 13.

This means that the number of flights during this period increased by 5% compared to the previous week and, at the same time, reached 81% of 2019 levels, reports

“24,648 daily flights on average over the past week, up 5% compared to the previous week; 81% of 2019 levels. Traffic in line with new EUROCONTROL traffic scenarios (6 April 2022): 79% for April so far compared to 2019”, read Eurocontrol’s statement.

It was explained that with the start of summer timetables, the low-cost companies have expanded their capacities across the entire network.

The five main low-cost operators from April 7 to 13 are Ryanair, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Air France.

Ryanair was the busiest aircraft operator, averaging 2,765 flights a day in the second week of April. Meanwhile, Ryanair is the only airline to register an increase compared to 2019. The operator registered a 0% increase compared to the same period in 2019.

Ryanair is followed by EasyJet with 1,515 flights (-16% compared to 2019), Lufthansa with 1,138 flights (-28%), Turkish Airlines with 1,096 flights (-15%) and Air France with 901 flights (-30 %). percent).

Even though these airlines did not register a positive trend compared to 2019, they still posted increases compared to the previous week. British Airways recorded the largest increase from the previous week, mainly due to flows between the UK and Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United States.

Looking at individual countries, Eurocontrol revealed that the UK recorded the highest number of departures and arrivals from April 7 to April 13. The latter recorded an average of 4,815 departures and arrivals.

The UK is followed by Spain with 4,504 flights, Germany with 4,432 flights, France with 3,654 flights and Italy with 3,162 flights.

Of all these countries, Germany recorded the largest increases in flights over the previous week. Germany recorded an increase of around 375 flights in the second week of April. Next come Spain (+306 flights) and France (+227 flights), among others.

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