EasyJet, TUI, Jet2, British Airways, RyanAir: latest PCR test costs for orange and green holiday destinations


It’s Freedom Day – and that means travelers have a lot more options when it comes to international travel.

Under the new rules, anyone who has had their two jabs more than 14 days before travel will no longer have to self-isolate when visiting Amber List countries.

For the first time since March 2020, this makes much of Europe accessible to travelers.

There are currently 139 Orange List destinations and only 29 Green List countries – many of which have their own travel rules.

The changes do not guarantee a hassle-free trip and a quarantine may be required upon entry to some countries, but it does give UK holidaymakers many more options.

Instead of having to quarantine, travelers will be required to take a test before departure, three days before return and no later than the second day of their return.

However, the new rules only apply to those who have been vaccinated at a time and those under 18 are exempt from changes.

Indeed, they are not yet eligible for vaccinations at this stage.

This also only applies to those who have received their vaccines from the NHS and residents of the UK.

Travelers will be faced with an additional bill, however, as the cost of the tests must also be paid by the person traveling.

However, to encourage passengers to return to the skies after a year of lockdown, many airlines have made deals to save passengers money on their tests.

Here are the latest airline deals and deals for PCR testing:


EasyJet is offering discounted Randox testing, meaning testing will start at £ 43 each.

Collinson is also offering 20% ​​off to EasyJet customers with a discount code.

Full details are available on the EasyJet website.


Ryanair also offers discounted Randox tests, with £ 5 off, meaning prices start at £ 43 per test.

They also offer the package including a pre-departure test and a second day PCR test for £ 86.

There is also an Orange List travel pack that includes an 8 day test for £ 129.

Full details are available on the Ryanair website.


Jet2 offers a number of options to customers, with discount codes for testing from Collinson and Randox vendors.

Pre-booked in-person testing and home testing are available.

PCR testing costs £ 43 each, day two and eight testing packages start at £ 86 and return UK testing starts at £ 25.

Lateral flow and antigen assays are also available.

More information can be found on the Jet2 website.


TUI offers discounted Chronomics test packages starting at £ 20 per person.

A £ 60 package for the Green List includes a PCR test for entry, a side flow test to return to the UK and a PCR test for the second day after landing at home would include all tests required for most destinations.

More information can be found on the TUI website.

British Airways

British Airways also lists a number of suppliers – although specific prices are not included on their website.

The website says most will cost between £ 50 and £ 75 per PCR test – although some from Randox will cost less than £ 50.

Options include home testing, a clinic in London, and airport testing.

Discount codes are also available for 12 suppliers, with full details available on the British Airways website.

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