Covid-hit Lufthansa Cargo cancels all freight in transit through the Frankfurt hub

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Lufthansa Cargo is the latest carrier to suffer operationally from a Covid outbreak and has been forced to cancel all transit traffic through Frankfurt.

He advised customers to cancel all transit bookings, saying in a note to customers this morning: “Unfortunately we see no other option at the moment than to take certain measures at the Frankfurt hub. From now on… there will be a transit embargo for Frankfurt.

He added that customers should cancel shipments that have not been delivered, while freight already accepted will be shipped “as soon as possible”.

LC added: “We firmly believe that these measures will help stabilize and that we can gradually return to normal operations.”

However, a spokesperson did not comment on how long it will take to recover, saying: “We hope the measures will show a positive effect within a few days so that we can get back to normal.

“Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality, we cannot say anything about our staff or the staff of our suppliers.”

In his note to clients, he said: “Due to its high contagion, the Omicron variant of coronavirus continues to keep us very busy and infection figures in the Frankfurt/Germany area have reached new record highs. We now painfully feel the increased incidence of infections.

“Currently, we are facing an increasing number of coronavirus cases within our organization, in particular at the Frankfurt hub. This results in downsizing, which is delaying our operations at this point.

A European freight forwarder said The Loadstar“It’s quite stunning and it’s going to be painful.

“Either the cargo is trapped and not moving if it is in the network, or you have to book elsewhere with alternative carriers, which will then increase demand and will undoubtedly lead to price increases on air cargo if Lufty is out of play at all times.

“There are always consequences in the shitty world of freight forwarding. Perhaps they will accept cargo in Italy on their new joint airline,” he added dryly.

Costs are already rising. With jet fuel prices 15.7% higher than a month ago and 74% higher than a year ago, airlines such as Emirates and SilkWay have announced fuel surcharge increases.

“No more inflation in the freight industry,” one freight forwarder commented grimly.

Lufthansa has increased its “air freight surcharge” by approximately 13%, noting: “The sum of the cost elements included in our air freight surcharge has increased over the past few weeks. Consequently, Lufthansa Cargo is increasing its air freight surcharge.

The carrier declined to describe the cost elements of the surcharge, but a freight forwarder helpfully replied: “It’s just money the airlines want, to increase profit and margin apart from air freight charges. .”

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