Controversy and hype: Russia paints its MC-21s in American and Lufthansa liveries

Russia is at war with Ukraine, sanctioned by all Western developments and struggling to do business with most of the world. Yet state-owned manufacturer Rostec, 92% owned by the local government, made a photomontage and posted it on its media channels showing what its MC-21 plane would look like in American Airlines and Lufthansa liveries.

Along with the photo, Rostec said that if American Airlines wanted to, they could fly such an aircraft within 5-10 years. The chances of this happening are zero, but the joke goes viral on the networks and contributes to the promotion of the plane, which until now has been considered the main achievement of the Russian aviation industry of the 21st century.

Compared to its Western competitors, the MC-21 will have a two-cabin configuration with a capacity of 132 to 163 passengers, smaller than a Boeing 737 MAX 8 and an Airbus A320. Additionally, the range of the MC-21 is 3,200 to 3,500 nautical miles, less than the 737 MAX and much less than the A321XLR.

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However, despite the increase in sales, the vast majority of MC-21s produced are likely to remain even in Russia, especially at Aeroflot. Rostec says it has 175 orders for the model and the only foreign customer so far is Azerbaijan Airlines.

As our media partner Aeroin reports, the likelihood of Western companies acquiring the Russian machines will depend on cost savings and a radical turnaround in after-sales service (the weak point of the Russians), if and only if the sanctions are lifted. .

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