Breakfast + Lunch in Lufthansa Economy Class, Frankfurt – Kiev – Frankfurt

For this slice of Matthew’s meal of the weekwe look back on my trip to Kyiv, Ukraine in 2011. I have shared a photo report from that trip here, but I want to focus on today’s flights, especially the meals served on board Lufthansa .

Dinner on board Lufthansa flights Frankfurt – Kyiv, Ukraine

In 2011 Lufthansa ran €99 return specials to cities all over Europe and I took full advantage of them, using the year to visit 46 countries, including most of Europe. It was an amazing time in life and one weekend my travels took me to Ukraine.

While Lufthansa switched to a buy-on-board product for its medium-haul flights, it served meals on most flights over two hours, including the 987-mile, 2-hour, 25-minute journey from Frankfurt. in Kyiv.

My outbound flight was LH1490, departing Frankfurt at 9:35am. After takeoff, a hot breakfast was served including scrambled eggs with potatoes, chicken medallions and peppers. It was a weird combo, but it was filling and the flavors went together well. It was served with a hot roll on the side as well as a box of orange juice and a slice of wrapped cake.

Beverage refills were offered before landing. Notice the tea – this was in my pre-coffee days.

For the return on LH1491, departing Kiev at 1:50 p.m., lunch was served after takeoff. It appeared the flight was double-flighted in Frankfurt as the pasta option is a staple of the ex-Frankfurt Lufthansa economy class menu. Linguini pasta was served with tomato sauce, cooked tomatoes and olives. Another bun was offered on the side with German chocolate and a bottle of water. Drinks flowed freely.

These meals remind me of better times: an era of free meals on Lufthansa, but much more importantly, a time of peace for Ukraine. I am in contact with many people on the ground in Ukraine and while the resistance is fierce and admirable, Russia’s brutal war of choice has resulted in enormous economic damage and loss of life.

I look forward to the day when LH1490 and LH1491 can resume…

The My Meal of the Week feature looks at an airplane meal from my travels over the years. It could be a meal from the beginning of the week or a meal served more than ten years ago.

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